These Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes, According To Pinterest

These Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes, According To Pinterest

The popular visual discovery app Pinterest and fashion search platform Lyst have come together to predict the top ten costumes everyone will want to wear this Halloween.


Looking at global data from a combined pool of 210 million monthly users, Pinterest and Lyst have revealed the top 10 most wanted looks this year so far.

  1. Pennywise The Clown From ‘IT’



Apparently, the most popular choice for a Halloween costume is ‘IT’. A.K.A Pennywise the clown.


IT is a ghoul that disguises itself as a clown in order to attract and it children as they are an easier target. Nice

  1. A ‘Stranger Things’ Character


Set in a small Indiana town in 1983, Stranger Things has taken the world by storm with its suspense-fuelled intrigue and plucky characters.


Grab some 80s glasses and a plaid shirt for the ultimate Barb or a bomber, pink tea dress and a fake nose bleed for Eleven.

  1. Belle From ‘Beauty And The Beast’


With the live action movie recently released for home viewing, it’s no wonder that Belle from ‘Beauty And The Beast’ has found a place in the hearts of many.


Pass the curling tongs.

  1. A Giraffe


No, we don’t get it either. Although the creations people have been coming up with are pretty impressive.

  1. Wonder Woman


Giving the huge box office success of Wonder Woman, it’s no wonder everyone wants to look like Gal Gadot.

  1. A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Character


Given GOT fever, it’s no surprise this look is high up the list. Grab yourself a dragon accessory for the ultimate Daenerys dress up.

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