christmas costumes ----I drawn 4 outfits from boxes

christmas costumes —-I drawn 4 outfits from boxes

I was just a little frustrated to figure out that the business deliver came nowadays without any Periodic Clothing available. I would at least like to see them all. I drawn 4 outfits from boxes (I had been preserving since after Halloween) and I can  publish display photos on the weblog successfully.

Here are some information, please help complete in the gaps:

Black Bart: “Welsh Wintermas”, -3% WD sturdiness, +2% priestess atk

McKraken:”A Crabby Christmas”, -3% skelly sturdiness, +20% Skyraider atk

Cornelius: “Cool Yule”, -5% Priestess atk, +10% theif toughness

Captain Tinto: “Feliz Navidad”, -3% gunner sturdiness, +3% gunner atk

If you want to know more informations,you can message to me

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