6 Common Lifestyle Habits That Cause Under-Eye Dark Circles

6 Common Lifestyle Habits That Cause Under-Eye Dark Circles
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6 Common Lifestyle Habits That Cause Under-Eye Dark Circles

There’s no way around it: the region below the eyes even denounces some bad habits, which lead to the darkening of the area, appearance of swelling and a haggard appearance. They are the famous dark circles, villains of female vanity and that require potent makeup to be camouflaged. “Dark circles are characterized by changes in texture, volume and color of the lower eyelids”, says the dermatologist.

The doctor explains that genetic factors confer a greater deposit of melanin in this part of the face, leaving it dark. The accumulation of liquids from alterations in the local circulation also has its share of contribution and leads to the formation of edema and swelling. Added to this is the fact that the texture of the skin below the eyes is altered by the natural aging process. As a result, the skin loses collagen a protein that gives skin firmness] and becomes more flaccid. Some practices make this situation more aggravated, evidencing the darkening and volume of the lower eyelids. Here are some attitudes that contribute to this problem and rethink your routine:

Sun exposure

The sun’s rays stimulate local pigmentation. Therefore, use specific sunscreens for the eye area and sunglasses to reinforce the barrier against pigmentation.

Changes in sleep rhythm

Sleeping too much or too little promotes circulatory changes that increase the deposit of liquids in the region, leaving it swollen and misshapen. “The fatigue stimulates the sagging, accentuating the problem of the fat bag. The stress favors the vasodilation and the production of melanin, accentuating the dark circles”, explains the dermatologist. To do cold compresses with chamomile tea can ease the appearance of tiredness. If the edema is intense, use a small piece of ice wrapped in a handkerchief and apply gentle and rapid pressure so as not to burn the area. Sleep must also be regularized. “Sleeping less than six hours a day can make it difficult to drain local liquids, worsening the appearance of dark circles”, says the dermatologist.


The habit of smoking regularly also causes vascular changes, which lead to fluid retention and, consequently, swelling. According to experts, the chemicals in tobacco cause damage to collagen, elastin [skin-supporting fibers] and blood vessels around the eyes. “The result is dark circles and eye bags.” It is not news that the ideal is to stop smoking either for health in general or for dark circles. The simple interruption of this addiction causes the region to recover. “Studies show that within a few months of quitting smoking, the body’s blood flow improves and damage to blood vessels can be reversed to some extent”.

Remove makeup with great force

Calm and lightness can preserve the skin of the lower region of the eyes when removing makeup. “Passing fabric or cotton with makeup remover several times causes intense microtraumas in the vessels in the region, aggravating the situation”. According to the doctor, the ideal is to use a biphasic remover or children’s oil, applying once or twice in the region with softness. What’s left is easily washed off, wash your face with cold water and the usual soap, you should always finish the process.

Wash your face with hot water

Hot water causes blood vessels to dilate because of heating. “With more blood in the region, a subcutaneous shadow forms on the thin skin of the eyelids, making dark circles worse”. To get around the problem, the trick is the same used against sleepless nights. Cold compresses, such as chamomile tea, reduce the diameter of the vessels. This causes less blood to be drawn to the dark circles area, brightening the area. Cold rolls, made of gauze or cotton, also reduce the caliber of vessels and help to drain the skin.

Use of cosmetics that can clog pores

Makeup is a champion in this regard, because it covers the pores and doesn’t let the skin breathe. But as it is impossible not to use it, the solution is to remove the applied products very well. “Over time, the skin loses its viscosity and becomes oilier, which can accelerate aging.” Very dense products, such as ointments, and makeup that camouflage skin imperfections, such as foundation and powder, also make it difficult for the skin to breathe, which can alter circulation and lead to fluid retention in the area. Oil-based makeup removers remove make-up from the eye area more easily and efficiently, without leaving any traces. “The ideal is to avoid obstructive products, especially at night”.

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