Month: October 2018


People hug their disabilities in Halloween

For people with physical disabilities, Halloween has become an opportunity to embrace their bodies and celebrate differences. Many people are sharing photos of their creative clothing, highlighting and incorporating their disability. In April, a photo from Chicago, USA, read her own dress titled “Halloween is an amputee’s Christmas for us.” This photo was voted more […]


Harvest Michigan Christmas Tree

Alpena, Michigan – Harvested a Christmas tree in Michigan on Thursday in Alpena, Michigan. Over the years, the Michigan Technology, Management, and Budget Department conducted a search throughout Michigan based on the nomination process to determine the Christmas tree in front of the Michigan State Capitol. FOX 47 News is the only local site of […]


“The Nightmare Before Christmas” revives in Hollywood open air, reuniting Danny Elfman and Catherine O’Hara

During the three-day Halloween weekend, the Hollywood Amphitheatre was transformed into an unforgettable movie viewing experience to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the beloved Disney movie “Pre-Christmas Nightmare.” Director John Maucheri led a complete orchestra and choir for the 1993 film live. Some members of the orchestra are actually part of the original soundtrack. Prior […]

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