Month: July 2017

Christmas costumes


You might think the time for costumes has passed because Christmas always passed quickly but Christmas costumes add a lot of festive fun to the holidays. With a little creativity, you can use your Santa suit throughout the holiday season to delight people and make them happy. Santa is part of the magic of Christmas and is […]


Norwegian Christmas traditions

Christmas in Norway is based on Christian traditions, with elements of old pagan traditions and Jewish Hannukah. And new traditions are added every year. Before Christmas In the end of November, Oslo is decorated and prepared for Christmas, and the city is buzzing with people doing their Christmas shopping. Christmas trees are lit and streets […]


Christmas gifts vary from country to country

Britain: the British people pay more attention to food at Christmas, including roast pig, Turkey, Christmas pudding and Christmas mince pies. Every member of the family has a gift, even a servant has a gift, and all the gifts are delivered on Christmas morning.Some singers sing at the door, and they will be invited to the house to […]

Christmas costumes

How to decorate your Christmas room

Long before I even heard of the concept of Hygge (pronounced HOO-gah, Hygge is the Danish practice of creating a cozy home, enjoying simple pleasures with a focus on well-being), I was obsessed with those very things. I could hardly believe it when I heard about Hygge, it sounds just like me! I love creating ambiance through cozy homes […]


A Story about Christmas

Christmas or Cristo Messa, which is also called “the mass of Christ”.A mass is a kind of church rite. Every year at December 25th, the Christians will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on that day. Actually, most of the Catholic church will firstly celebrate Christmas Eve, that is December 24. Christians will hold midnight mass at the earlier of December 25 and some of […]

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