About Choosing FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Tips

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About Choosing FeelinGirl Waist Trainer Tips

The popularity of shapewear items has increased tremendously in the past few years. One of the reasons for this are all the celebrities that proudly announced that they love wearing body shapers daily, so that they can have beautiful bodies. Another reason for this is the fact that modern shapewear is extremely comfortable and easy to wear, which makes it perfect for everyday wear!

There are many types of body shapers out there with unique and fashionable designs and very good technical features. One of the best places where you can buy high quality body shapers is FeelinGirl, an online store specialized in selling shapewear items. They have it all and they also ship internationally, which is great!

One of the most popular body shapers from FeelinGirl is the slimming waist trainer, which sculpts your waist and help you obtain an hourglass silhouette, the most desirable body shape out there!

If you want a slimmer waist line and a flat abdomen, you should definitely buy a waist cincher. But, before you do that, you have to know how to choose it! For this I have a few tips that you should have in mind when looking to buy a waist trainer!

1. Chose a waist trainer made out of neoprene or latex

When it comes to waist trainers is very important the quality of the fabric they are made of. The higher the quality of the fabric the more effective the waist trainer is.

Neoprene and latex are the best choices of fabrics for waist cinchers because they are very thick and resistant fabrics, yet soft and breathable which makes them very comfortable. This is why you should always choose a waist trainer made out of neoprene or latex because this way it will be effective in helping you lose weight as these thick fabrics will keep your muscles warm and help you lose excess water. Also, you won’t have to worry about skin irritations, because of the softness of the fabrics. And the best thing is that you won’t have to be afraid that your waist trainer might break when you workout intensely because these fabrics are very resistant!

2. Choose a waist trainer with adjustable straps

Because the waist trainer helps you sculpt your waist and abdomen by adding compression to those areas, you have to choose one that has adjustable straps. Most waist trainers come with one, two or three adjustable straps. The role of the straps is to help you add just the right amount of compression you can handle, so you won’t feel uncomfortable when wearing the waist trainer. You have to start by adding a low compression and increase it gradually until you reach the highest level of compression you can handle!

3. Choose a waist trainer with zipper and straps

It’s very important to be able to put your waist cincher easily, you don’t want to spend time while dressing it. This is why you should pick a waist trainer with zipper and straps which are super easy to put on and to take off. This waist cincher you will be able to put on instantly and start your training right away!

4. Choose a waist trainer that fits you perfectly

The size is very important when it comes to waist trainers. For them to be effective and help you lose weight they have to be a perfect fit, not too loose and not too tight. This is why, before buying a waist cincher, you need to find out what size you are wearing!

For this you will need a measuring tape to measure your waist line. After you do that, go to the size chart that each product from FeelinGirl has and find out which size you have. It’s extremely easy!

Remember, after you lose weight you might need to change your waist trainer with a smaller size.

5. Always choose the waist trainer you like best

After you found out which size you are wearing, you just have to choose the waist trainer you like the best. Yes, even waist trainers have different designs, colors, and patterns and they are quite fashionable. You can choose a neon waist trainer or one with an animal print! The most important thing is for you to like it so that you will feel confident and trendy while wearing it at the gym when running and why not at home too.

The waist trainer from FeelinGirl will help you lose inches from your waist very fast and it will make your abdomen flat too. Your training will become more intense and you will lose weight faster. This way you will be able to achieve an hourglass silhouette in no time!

The waist trainer will also boost your confidence and make you feel better in your skin. You will be able to wear anything you like and you will look more feminine and powerful!

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