Celebrate Halloween And Day Of The Dead At The Auditorium With THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS

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Celebrate Halloween And Day Of The Dead At The Auditorium With THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS

On October 31 and November 1, residents of Jack Skellington and Halloween visited Chicago, where Disney will give concerts: Tim Burton’s pre-Christmas nightmare comes to the Auditorium. The screenings mark the 25th anniversary of Tim Burton’s stop Movement and feature the Chicago Philharmonic in Halloween costumes for Danny Elfman’s beloved scorer. Participants were also encouraged to wear costumes and celebrate Halloween. In the 129-year-old hall of the Auditorium Theater, the 129-year-old hall holds a variety of events, including costume competitions, pranks, pumpkin decorations, and so on.

Donna Milanovic (donna milanovich), executive director of the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra, said: “during the Halloween season, we were very excited to celebrate the anniversary of this classic film on the stage of history with the famous musicians of the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra.” “the Chicago Philharmonic is very excited to put on costumes and participate in this special event,” said c.j.dillon, chief program officer of the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra. Play the phantom magic of Danny Elfman’s music, playing with our favorite characters. “according to the original story of Tim Burton (Tim Burton, Edward Sykes, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), the pre-Christmas nightmare was released in October 1993. “the film tells of the serious and wrong adventure that Jack Skellington (jack skellington), the beloved Halloween pumpkin king, experienced as he tried to take over the Christmas holidays.” Sally is a lonely rag doll who loves him. Jack turns to three naughty pranksters and kidnaps Santa Claus, but things don’t go exactly as planned. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Visual effects and Elfman’s score for the Golden Globe. Christmas nightmares rated as pg.

About the Chicago Philharmonic

The Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra is described by the Chicago Orchestra as one of the best symphonies in the country. The Chicago Philharmonic Association is a collaboration of more than 200 top classical musicians performing in the Chicago Metropolitan area. Under the pioneering structure of musicians, the association held concerts in various parts of the Chicago area, covering classical music ranging from Bach to Bernstein. Founded nearly 30 years ago, the Chicago Philharmonic is now the official orchestra of the Joffrey Ballet, continues to work with the Lavinia Festival for 25 years, is a resident company of the Chicago Harris Theater, and is regularly in the auditorium. The Symphony Center and other major concert halls in Chicago and the North Coast performed. In 2018, the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra Council awarded the Chicago Philharmonic Orchestra the Orchestra of the year.

About Disney Concerts

Disney Concert is Disney Music Group’s concert production and licensing division, Disney’s music division. Disney concerts produce concerts and tours and license Disney music and visual content to symphony orchestras and hosts around the world. Disney’s concert package includes a variety of forms, such as live film concerts, ensemble concerts with musical and vocal themes, ranging from instrumental music to instrumental music only. Includes live vocal and choir multimedia symphonies. Current titles include Star Wars film concerts (episodes 4-7), Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Fantasia, Nightmare before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Frozen Wonderland, “Pirates of La Taville”, “Pirates of the Caribbean” series (Episode I-4) and “stupid Symphony” performed more than 400 performances at many of the world’s top concert venues last year, including Lincoln Center, Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Tokyo Forum and Hollywood bowling alley. A number of new concert packages and tours in the Disney studio portfolio are being developed, including Disney’s feature animation and live-action movies, Pixar, Lucas movies and wonders.


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