New Hope Animal Rescue Hosting Pet Halloween takes place, Christmas Open House

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New Hope Animal Rescue Hosting Pet Halloween takes place, Christmas Open House

Benefiting from New Hope Animal Rescue, the 22nd Pet Halloween Costume Competition will be held on Sunday, October 28th at a large shelter in Hurricane Valley Park.

Registration will begin at 1pm. At the shelter, the review is then conducted at 1:30 pm. Pets will be judged in seven competition categories: the scariest, the most interesting, the most beautiful, the most primitive, the pet/owner look, the pre-housing pets and group clothing.

The registration fee is $5 per category. The trophy sponsored by Marco’s Pizza in Hurricane will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners.

NHAR spokesperson Terrie Miske said that creativity has been demonstrated in the past few years. “We have a lot of creative clothing. They include the “Bone Game”, a throne made of wooden dog bones, three dogs dressed as dragons, and the little boy dressed as a “power game” character.

“There is ‘Weanie I dreamed of’, the master dressed as Major Nielsen and her Dahhon as Jenny. There is a lumberjack, a dog in jeans and a red-black plaid shirt wearing a wheelbarrow wooden pole, Marilyn Monroe wearing The white dress and the golden wig of the bulldog, UPS delivery dog ​​has a parcel on his back, three puppies in the mailbox with letters or parcels, pulled by the owner as a postman.

“Every year, local business support will increase. This year, NHAR has received a very generous sweepstakes,” Miske said.

New Hope Animal Rescue is a full-volunteer, non-profit, non-killing foster care/rescue organization. “All the animals that were helped by NHAR were placed in our homes,” Miske said. “But NHAR is looking for property to build a murderless animal shelter in Putnam/Kanawha County.”

To this end, the proceeds from the pet Halloween costume competition will benefit NHAR’s spar/neuter and medical projects as well as the mission of the organization to build a new shelter.

In order to raise funds for NHAR and its own operating costs, in November, the Paws and Shop Thrift stores in downtown Hurricane will host the Christmas Open Day. The open day will be held from 10 am to 4 pm. Thursday, November 1; Friday, November 2; Saturday, November 3, 2806 Praman Avenue. In the hurricane, next to the John Henson Senior Center in the city centre.

“The entire front showroom will become a Christmas wonderland,” Minsk said. “Paws and Shop has a lot of Christmas items, including trees, cutlery, decorations, interior and exterior decorations, linen, biscuit cans, collectibles, etc.”
Free refreshments and door prizes will be offered daily on the Open Day.

“Also in November, Paws and Shop will open on Friday to provide customers with more access,” Miske said. November is open from 10 am to 4 pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The store will be closed on Saturday after Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving. Miske said the store will be open on “Black Friday” and has some special sales.

“There are still a large number of non-holiday items available for sale in the remaining three showrooms,” she said.

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