5 Best Shapewear Pieces for Super-Secret Tummy Control

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5 Best Shapewear Pieces for Super-Secret Tummy Control

There’s probably one thing that everyone loves to hate and also hates to love, and that is shapewear. People tend to love how good they look wearing them but, in most cases, hate how uncomfortable they can be. Obviously if they haven’t chosen the right one for their body type and specific need. But people will also hate when it is too obvious that they are wearing them.

People always want wholesale body shapers to be their little sculpting secret. If you have been looking for new tummy-control shapewear that its basically invisible, even under the tightest clothing, here are the 5 best shapewear pieces to achieve super-secret tummy control.

One of the places where you can find them as well as wholesale waist trainers, is at Waistdear. They have a huge collection of wholesale shapewear and waist trainers for everyone’s specific needs and goals and with the best quality and the best prices too.

First on the list, is the Seamless Tighten The Abdomen One-piece Shapewear Briefs. This one will tighten the abdomen while also lifting the buttocks, support the chest and shape the legs too. It used Israeli Yili nylon (77% nylon and 23% spandex). It also has a hook and eye closure design which will help with easier use of the bathroom. Also it has adjustable shoulder straps that can be adjusted according to the personal needs.

Then, second on the list is the Eco-friendly Seamless Shaped Low-Rise Briefs. It is made of eco comfy fabric that is made with recycled nylon and that also feels like a second skin. Made with 60% recycled nylon, 28% nylon, 9% spandex, and 3% cotton. It has an abdominal double-layer fabric that will help strengthen the abdomen. It has an underwear-free design with a cotton gusset. Has also a butt-lifting design that will contour the curves. And also edge-bonded panels that will provide a squeeze-free and comfortable slimming.

Third, on the list is the Seamless 4 Steel Bones Shapewear Thong Natural Shaping. This one has a seamless design that will lay flat under the clothes. It also has 4 spiral steel bones that will help you to keep a better posture. Also has a double-layer fabric in the belly area that will provide a very strong tummy control and shaping effect. Its thong design doesn’t have visible panty lines and also highlights and beautifies the natural curves. Made with 90% nylon and 10% spandex.

Fourth on the list, is the Shapewear Pants With A Rubber String Waist Trainer. It is an all-in-one-step design. That’s made with 70% nylon and 30% spandex (pants) and 65% polyester and 35% latex (waist trainer). It has a rubber-string waist trainer that combines hip-lifting shapewear pants that not only will lift the hips but also control the tummy area.  The front middle area has a highly qualified YKK zipper and also internal single eye and hook closures which makes it durable and strong and very easy to take on and off.

The shapewear pants have been stitched with a single eye and hook closure which will make it easy to fix and also to remove the waistband. The crotch area has 2 pieces of fabric that overlap for easy bathroom use. It will shape the waist line, also lift the hips, and will also create sexy peach-looking buttocks. If it’s worn constantly the wearer can get a slimmer waist, flat abdomen, and a perfect hourglass figure.

And finally, the Seamless High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short Tummy. Made with 80% nylon and 20% elastane. It is made with a seamless weaving process that makes it invisible beneath the clothes. Its double-layer tummy panel will flat-out flatten that area. It also has four memory alloy steel bones that are designed to provide support and give an anti-rolling effect.

It also has a butt-lifting design that will contour your curves. The stretch waist has anti-rolling silicone. It will reduce the waist, smooth any bulges, and also has a high-waisted design. Thanks to the breathable and comfortable material it can be worn all day.

The design will fit women of every body type, also has a crotch overlapping design that will make bathroom visits more convenient, and can be paired with dresses or fitted tops just to get a modern look.

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