5 Stylish Women’s Jumpers We’re Loving for Autumn

Women’s Jumpers
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5 Stylish Women’s Jumpers We’re Loving for Autumn

The piece that is always present in the autumn looks is the suéter, this year will be no different. That’s why I separated 6 looks by wearing a suéter to inspire you to wear this comfortable and comfortable piece.

What’s the suit like?

It is a piece of clothing of women’s and men’s clothing. It is a closed blouse, usually a long sleeve, which covers the part of the trunk and arms. It can be made of various materials, for example, knitting, wool, cotton and synthetic fibers. What sets it apart are the models ranging from the fairest to the body to the oversized. V neckline, round, canoe, turtleneck and even shoulder to shoulder.

There are many possibilities for models, colors and materials for sweaters. So you should choose according to your style and make sense for your closet, ie combine with the rest of the pieces of clothing you already have.


The models are more closed, the collars higher are super charming and elegant, you can bet and are excellent options for the professional environment. So bet on the combination of more neutral colors like beige and burgundy for a more elegant look.

Looks with jeans are also welcome in the more informal professional environment. Mix with colorful suéter or with a higher collar to give a charm.

Overlay of pieces is another super cool style trick for this time of year. So take the opportunity to wear your shirts under the jacket leaving sleeves and collars appearing. Jeans are always a great ally in autumn looks. Combine this with an oversized sweater and scraping for a casual and chic look.

The overlay looks amazing in the work looks, but sometimes you can use the overlay also in more casual looks.

Mixing texture and print is also a super style trick. As in the color mix, the mix of the blouse’s cinnamon texture and plaid print of the pants is harmonic and shows more personality.

To go out at night a more sensual look with a shirt, cargo pants and scraping animal print.

In the change of season, those days not so cold or super hot you can mix more elements of the seasons. Put on a denim skirt, sandals and an oversized sweater for a casual and super feminine/sexy look.

The shader has that comfortable, stripped-down little face and often it is not listed for more elegant looks. But you can do many productions with a chic touch. Bet also on midi skirt in material that resembles leather can yield many stylish autumn looks. Or even in the summer velvet skirts or heavier materials combine super well with a forewear.

When we use 1 color only (or very close colors) in the same look we call it monochrome. They convey elegance and sophistication. The earthy tones, brown and caramel are super high, can invest without fear.


Light colors are also interesting to use in autumn. The secret is to mix textures! For example, mix fuzzy suéter with satin skirt.

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