5Fun Alternative Themes for Your Office Christmas Party

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5Fun Alternative Themes for Your Office Christmas Party

Another year passed and another office Christmas event was to be organized. You clean up last year’s decorations, book a room, and then you call the caterer and order you the same finger sandwich and Sausage Rolls, and you order it every year. . When you realize: why not do something different for the team this year? An office Christmas party is a way to thank employees for their excellent work over the past year. You try to make the whole team feel appreciated and have a little fun. So drop the daunting banners and mini trees and try these new Christmas party ideas.

Party theme is one thing-planning activities is another! So, make sure you follow our tips, plan for the stress-free Christmas party, and get an awesome flick!

1. The Amazing Race Party

On TV, the game was a Christmas party and a team building event. Organize a scavenger hunt to different locations in your area-it would be great if you could tie clients and other stakeholders together for a few events. You can also set up some “roadblocks” there; participants are not allowed to move to the next stop. Until they complete a specific task, such as a physical feat or eat something disgusting. It’s best to have the team collect a flag, stamp or object at each stop, or take a picture of a particular scene, so you can make sure they’ve actually been to each stop. The final stop should be a return to the banquet hall, where the tired travelers enjoyed a feast and some refreshments.

2.A Christmas Masquerade Ball

If your office is casual, why not encourage everyone to dress up for the masquerade? In the invitation, you may be able to explain the history of the masquerade and link to some tutorials on masks-so everyone can think about their own ideas. For ornaments, you can think of Harlem patterns, theatrical masks and anything decadent-a winter wonder theme to serve perfectly. Finger food and trendy cocktails keep the music beating all night. For those who don’t wear masks, or those who want to give them a little extra energy, set up a mask stand with colored cards, ropes, felt pens, feathers, glitters, and other decorations. In a corner of the room, create a photo booth with a curtain background and a box of props; moustache, fairy. Wands, Santa hats, feather boats and interesting signals. Masquerade is for dancing, so choose a wonderful band carefully, it will draw everyone to the ground. The Best dress and Best Dancer Awards are a necessary reward. Game: who am I-I was a great icebreaker when everyone stammered to the party. Write the name of the celebrity on the post-it says. Put a note on it. Everyone’s forehead. Everyone can see the name on the note except the one on the forehead. Then, guests walk around the room, they can only ask colleagues yes / no questions to find out who they are. One variant of the game is who the couple is me, and you write down your name here. Famous couples (Romeo / Juliet or Cleopatra / Mark Anthony) put these on everyone’s forehead. The guests then had to find their mates in the room.

3.Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

Even for those of us who grew up in the Southern Hemisphere, there is something magical about white Christmas-where the whole world is covered with snow, ice skating, hot chocolate, bright scarves and hats. Greet the season with a winter wonderland theme. Decorate your party space like a winter palace with white curtains, fairy lights, ice sculptures, sparkling. Snow flakes and lovely polar bears. Drink an ice vodka and some delicious, warm wine. Food should be warm and trendy-rough food, delicious bites, coconut balls, baked Alaska and pana cotton. Winter Wonderland may be a particularly interesting theme if you live in the Southern Hemisphere and Christmas occurs at summer heights. Let everyone wear the best in winter-scarves. And hats and gloves. You can go to an indoor ski resort or an ice skating rink to strengthen your winter factory. Game: do you mean besides snowball fights and skating at the local favorite outdoor skating rink? Nothing can dance outside like a live band. Another good idea is to add some casino tables, such as roulette, poker, etc. Roll the dice, black Jack. Let different departments fight against each other and offer drinks tokens and other interesting prizes.

4.Candyland / Chocolate Factory Christmas Party

Well, if the nightmares before Christmas don’t fly, it’s definitely my favorite alternative office Christmas party idea. Who doesn’t love candy? Decorations should be candy-themed; lots of candy colors and stripes. Put the candy on each table and the huge cupcakes on the wall. Dinner food should be fun and stylish-millet is great. Dessert, what’s better than a candy buffet or decorate your own cupcake stand? Play: chocolate game: the most popular at children’s parties around the world, this is an interesting game for the office. Let everyone sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle lay a hat, a scarf, a pair of gloves, a knife and fork, and a chocolate plate. Give the player a dice. Everyone took turns rolling dice. One six-roll at a time, the scrolling person must rush into the center of the circle, wear hats, scarves, and gloves, and then try cutting square chocolate from the square with a knife and fork, and then eating it. If she does that, she wins and the game is over. As she struggled with her clothes, the player rolled the dice, and if the other six was rolled up, a new player rushed in to take over. When the first player tries to undress, there may be a frenzy of competition, which is ridiculous.

5.Christmas Murder Mystery Christmas Party

At a mysterious murder party, each player gets his or her identity at the start of the night. They will play their part all night. Someone was murdered at the party, and the killer was one of the people at the party. It’s up to you and your guests to find out who the killer is and who the killer is. Suspicion must be avoided. It’s good to bring some props and costumes to help everyone into the character. You can find downloadable murder mystery scripts online. Here are a few for you to read: the mystery of Christmas Eve, the mystery of holiday murder, Harry’s-a few alternative murder mystery games. Play death-A different set of murderous mysteries. A different mysterious murder. Murder Mystery parties will work better in a smaller team (8-15 people), but some are designed for the larger 40. You don’t have to play games at night because the mystery is entertaining.


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