Best Halloween costumes for 2017

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Best Halloween costumes for 2017

When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people in this world: those who dress as a zombie and those who somehow find a way to dress up as a one-night stand. Creativity is key when picking the custom clothing for a Halloween costume, and no one wants to see another scantily dressed bunny or a guy wearing a Scream mask, so really, try to dig deep and think of something good else.


We all agree that there are thousands of articles on the internet about Halloween costume ideas, however, how many of them only gather the most creative ones all of them related to trending stuff that’s happening? Just this one!


Keep reading you’ll find a nice selection of ideas based on things that occurred this year, and also some of the most amazing ideas from recent years!


Some of these are funny, some are trendy, and some are just plain weird, but they will all make you less of a bore at your next costume party. If anything else, being dressed as the rat that carried a slice of pizza down to a New York City subway is a great conversation starter.

Donald Trump Outfit

Personally, I feel like the election going on in the United States right now seems more like a bad reality TV show than a crucial presidential election. And as the main catalyst in this hurricane that is somehow being calling a “democracy,” Donald Trump deserves to be parodied. Dress like him this Halloween and have all your friends laughing. After all, someone has to make America great again, right?

Star Wars BB-8 Drone

After a ten year hiatus, the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise called The Force Awakens was released to great appraisal by both critics and fans in late 2015. This movie and the upcoming two that will make up the third trilogy of the series have followers ecstatic. In case you haven’t seen the film, it introduces a bunch of new characters including a new drone called BB-8 which has become a favorite. Of course, the toys and controllable robots followed and it got me thinking that it would make a hilarious Halloween costume.



YouTube Video

Want to turn your night into a live movie where you are the star? Try dressing up as a YouTube channel, and you can turn your dream into a reality. One example includes a guy who got really creative, and ambitiously titled his video, “Drunk guy makes out with the hottest girl at a party.” This is a great way to have all your friends laughing, and it’s a pretty easy DIY costume to pull off if you don’t want to go costume shopping.


The Brexit Costume

If Donald Trump is coming, then the Brexit shouldn’t miss the party.

Alright, so maybe this Halloween costume idea is not that related to 2016 as the previous ones, but it’s definitely one of the most creative and eye-catching of them all, isn’t it?

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