Christmas gifts vary from country to country

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Christmas gifts vary from country to country

Britain: the British people pay more attention to food at Christmas, including roast pig, Turkey, Christmas pudding and Christmas mince pies. Every member of the family has a gift, even a servant has a gift, and all the gifts are delivered on Christmas morning.Some singers sing at the door, and they will be invited to the house to serve tea, or give small gifts.

The United States: because the United States is a country with many nationalities, so it is also the most complicated thing for Americans how to celebrate the Christmas, and the immigrants from all over the world still follow the customs of their country.However, in the Christmas period, the American people’s hang wreaths and other chic decorations outside the door.

France: the average adult in France will go to church on Christmas Eve to attend midnight mass. After it is finished, family members go to the oldest brother or sister’s home to have a reunion dinner and have an assembly, discussing the important things in the family, but in the case of the family members who are not harmonious, and then after the assembly, everyone will make up with each other, so Christmas in France is a kind day.

Spain: children in Spain will put shoes outside the window to receive Christmas gifts. In many cities, there are gifts for the most beautiful children. The cows were treated well that day. It is said that at the birth of Jesus, a cow gave him a breath to warm him.

Italy: every Italian family has a model of the birth of Jesus. On Christmas Eve, families get together for a big meal and attend Christmas mass at midnight. After that, they will visit friends and relatives, only children and old people get presents. On Christmas day, the Italians have a very good custom, children will compose or write poetry, and they will be hidden in a napkin, the bottom of the plate or in the tablecloth, before the Christmas dinner. After they had finished the meal, they retrieved it and read it to everyone.

Sweden: Swedes are very hospitable, especially on Christmas day. Every family, rich or poor, will welcome friends, even strangers can also go to their home, all kinds of food on the table are served on the table.

Switzerland: the Swiss Santa Claus is wearing a white robe and a mask. They were all played by the poor in droves to beg for food and gifts. After it, they divide the food.

Denmark: Denmark was the first to launch the Christmas stamps and the anti-tb stamp, which was issued to raise funds for consumption. People who receive the mail will feel happier if they see more Christmas stamps.

Norway: On Christmas Eve, before Norwegian go to bed, everyone in the home put a pair of shoes, from big to small line one column. Every one of them took turns to sing his favorite Christmas song or read a poem.

Ireland: every family in Ireland will put a candle or lamp on the window frame to welcome the arrival of the savior on the eve of Christmas,

Scotland: the Scots find something that they borrowed from others and return them to the previous owner before Christmas.They usually give gifts on the first Monday of the New Year, but not during the Christmas season, whether children or servants will get gifts.

Holland: Dutch Christmas presents are often unexpected and sometimes hidden inside the pudding.

Germany: Every Christian family in Germany has a Christmas tree. Germans are very particular about making Christmas cookies.There are many styles of cakes, and friends will send cakes among each other.

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