Church’s 200-plus costumes for popular Christmas program stolen

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Church’s 200-plus costumes for popular Christmas program stolen

During the Christmas season, the Christian Church of the Community of Grace may not have a miracle in its annual “Journey to Bethlehem” programme, but it will certainly require a lot of help. The church reported that the 21-year-old trailer for the free event had been stolen from the 3754 e service road. If. The production will not continue. Tamara Holt, director of Journey to Bethlehem, said costumes could not be replaced. It is seeking donations of materials, money and manpower so that the show can continue. The stolen clothing has great emotional value and is expensive to produce. She says some costumes can be traced back to the early stages of production. After all, they only wore them for six nights. A season-if bad weather doesn’t allow “hiking” to be held, it’s less.

“some of us started the project, they died and they wore their clothes,” Holt said. Nobody wears them, but we still think they’re part of us. ” Some people are too old to attend, but they see others in their costumes, which means a lot. It makes them happy to see others wearing it. Now. “A set of ten dancers in stolen property,” said Hutt. “make the dress look like they estimated the price to be between $75 and $100. The trailer was stolen in August. “20-24. The window of time is so large that office workers can’t see vehicles moving into the area where thefts took place. “it can happen during the day,” she said. “our doors are always open to the community.” The trailer is a 1995 well, biaxial zl, license plate 1vk 4695. “but the HDP officials say it’s very likely.” As soon as thieves know what the goods are, he says, they probably throw them away.

This causes the Grace Community Church to squeeze time and money. It needs 120 pieces of clothing made by October. After that, every year, try to clean up, set, and do all the other work to present the “journey.” She says it’s too much to keep costume creation in chaos. “We were overwhelmed by the influx of community support,” Holt said. Inside, she says, the church has no sewing power to do the job. “A couple of churches said, ‘give us a date and we’ll bring people,'” Holt said. Cash donations are appreciated because some companies have already offered discounts on materials. But the fabric is also popular, she said. Even if the fabric is not suitable for travel, it can be used to make thigh blankets for sale as a seasonal fundraiser. As for other help, “if people want to be part of this project, we always look for volunteer speakers and nonverbal roles,” Holt said. As attendance continues to grow, she says, churches urgently need people to monitor parking, provide safety and other jobs. Last year, the weather was fine every night, the biggest trip to Bethlehem. A group of 50 people, 90 out of 50 children, who are responsible for entering the gate. Last year, it was not counted that between 12, 000 and 15000 of the children had taken part in the trip. “the heart we touch is very warm to me when I walk.

This year’s dates are November. 29-30 September, 1 December and 6-8 December. To donate time or clothing materials, please contact the church office at 209-531-1902. For donations, please send a cheque directly to the Christian Church of the Grace Community at 2707 resresca.95307, or visit For more information about theft, please call 209-545-7440 California Highway Patrol Modesto Regional Office.

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