Eight Christmas outfit ideas for the dog

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Eight Christmas outfit ideas for the dog

You’ve probably been thinking about your own Christmas party outfits, haven’t you?

Even if you live in a black environment all year long, you are certainly deeply immersed in velvet / flash / gemstone-wrapped in Asos (asos) ‘s recent order, right? Or are you more like a fancy Christmas costume? But have you ever stopped to think that your loyal dog mate might want to dress up this Christmas? You probably didn’t, did you? Because you are one of them. A selfish man. -here’s some inspiration.-Twelve Dogs.-Christmas.

1. Gingerbread costume

2.Naughty/nice hat

3.Festive onesie

4.Reindeer outfit

5.Moolecole Cawaii Santa costume

6.Edwyn UK snowman Christmas neckerchief

7.Shunshida Santa costume

8.Florence & Fred Fair Isle jumper, Tesco









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