How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Foot Type

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How to Choose the Right Shoes for Your Foot Type

They say that a pair of beautiful shoes will take you to beautiful places. And while there`s nothing wrong with a pair of gorgeous shoes, choosing the right shoes based on your foot type will take you not just to beautiful places but to faraway places as well.  A pair of comfortable shoes are essential to look and feel good. Here are some tips in choosing the appropriate shoes for your feet:

1. Wide Toes

If you have wide toes, you can either make them narrower or you can simply show them off. You can definitely wear pointed flats and heels to help make your wide toes closer to each other but to warn you, this may hurt your toes and even make your nails grow oddly if you try to wear small, narrow, and pointed shoes too much.

To prevent any foot pain, you can wear slightly rounded shoes like loafers or have your feet out in the open with a pair of square toe heels. These heels are trendy right now and will help complement your wide toes since the point of your heels is almost the same as your feet.

2. The Runner

If you tend to go out a lot, run around for errands, and even jog here and there, a pair of high quality and stylish sneakers are for you. Choose a pair that has comfortable insides like the sole. Memory foam is a really good choice because of this type of foam molds to the shape of your feet.

3. Small Feet

If you have small feet, opt for pointed shoes as this can visually elongate your feet. You can wear a pair of pointed-toe pumps, flats, or sandals. The closer the color of the shoes is to your skin tone, the better. This is because this will create the illusion that your shoes are an extension of your whole body especially when your legs are exposed when wearing skirts or dresses.

4. Morton Forefoot

Having a Morton forefoot simply means that the longest toe can either be the second or third toe while the rest of the other toes are shorter.  With this type of toes, always choose a pair of shoes based on the length of the longest toe. This way, when you wear your shoes, the longest toe won`t suffer and feel suffocated with the small size.

5. High Arch Feet

You would know that you have a high arch foot if the middle part of your feet, between the heel and ball, is bent quite high compared to the rest of the parts of your feet.

With this type of feet, opt for shoes with high heels to help support the high arch of your feet. Having pairs of wedges, ankle boots, and high heeled running shoes are perfect for you!

6. Low Arch Feet

Arizona Soft Footbed

You would know that you have a low arch foot if the arch of your feet is almost flat and aligned with the heel and ball of your feet. With this type of feet, it`s important to find pairs of shoes which help support the shape of your sole.

A pair of shoes with memory foam and the soft footbed is ideal as this usually molds to the shape of your sole and support it.

7. Sweaty Feet

Are you suffering from sweaty feet? Don`t be embarrassed about it as lots of people have the same concern! To lessen the occurrence of sweaty feet which then leads to smelly feet, choose pairs of shoes that will allow your feet to breathe easily and prevent them from developing bacteria.

Choosing appropriate shoes for your foot type is as important as choosing beautiful ones. Being comfortable with your footwear should be a top priority to help you move effortlessly throughout the day.

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