How to dress for the Christmas Party!

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How to dress for the Christmas Party!

It’s time to get out the glitz as the Christmas party season is upon us. The high street is full of styles to choose from, so there’s no excuse not to dress to impress. Read on to find out the answers to some typical festive dressing dilemmas which when approached right, are sure to get you noticed under the mistletoe.

Do I have to wear heels?

To look and feel glamorous, a little heel can make such a difference to an outfit, especially for the party season. Kurt Geiger recently reported that sales of their 12cm plus heels had quadrupled, so any height goes, from a kitten to a skyscraper.

But there’s also a growing movement towards the flat party shoe, which model Alexa Chung has made her thing. Party flats are for the footwear connoisseur – too high heels are a bit “here come the girls”. If you go flat then the rules of sartorial balance say that they must be fancy and embellished. Look for leopard print or a bejeweled toe.

Can I still wear a statement necklace?

Yes, necklaces are big news this season, but you’ll feel more on trend if you go for an all-singing, all-dancing pair of statement earrings. Seek out bows, chandeliers, pearl drops or vintage-looking pieces, but draw the line at novelty or oversized dream-catchers.

How can I keep warm in the taxi queue?

Faux fur. It’s everyday wear and so close to the real thing that everyone can have a bit of fur glam. say that fantasy fur is doing “amazingly well” on its site. In fact, it’s big everywhere, from Asda and Marks & Spencer to Chanel.

A short jacket makes the perfect party coat since it looks a bit special while you’re warming through in the way that a wool Crombie just can’t. Embrace mittens, stoles, and fake fur trim but draw the line at Dr. Zhivago hats.

What if I don’t want to spend any money on a new outfit?

Then you’re in luck because pretty much the same trends that were around last year still have mileage.

For example, black lace, which is holding its style value well. If you bought a lace dress last year then do nothing but feel smug. Other ways of party dressing for free – knot a skinny belt over an old tunic dress, wear every bit of leopard and polka you own at once.

Is it OK to wear red?

For Christmas 2016, red is the color to make a statement and be remembered. Red says fashion not Santa this year, primarily because it’s been touted as the way to liven up verging-on-boring minimalist looks. Try not to wear it with black, which looks too harsh – wear with navy instead.

What if I don’t want to wear a dress?

The posh jumpsuit has momentum this December. Insiders at online boutique say that it’s “all about the jumpsuit” again this year and just like the maxi dress, it’s here to stay. The key to the night time jumpsuit is to go for an old-school party fabric, as jersey looks too scruffy. Go for silk, a velvet panel or lace for maximum style points. Wear with a tux jacket and don’t hold back on the costume jewelry.

Can women wear jeans to the office party?

There was a moment a few years ago when wearing jeans to a party was akin to wearing taffeta, that is, massively outdated. Thankfully, that hiatus is over. But the rules have changed. Neat indigo jeans, heels and a glamorous top is better. Making jeans look 2016 party-appropriate means going a bit rock ‘n’ roll and crashing lots of different fabrics and accessories. Choose worn-in jeans, some leopard-print, jewelry, bright shoes and silky tops and wear together. Don’t be minimal and don’t go near diamante.

Whatever your party looks this season, have fun and wear it well.

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