How To Dress Like The Plastics In “Jingle Bell Rock” This Festive Season

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How To Dress Like The Plastics In “Jingle Bell Rock” This Festive Season

One of the most memorable scenes of Mean Girls has got to be the Plastics’ performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” in the Winter Talent Show. Aside from the dance routine (which I one day hope to memorize) I always wanted to wear a Mean Girls inspired costume that channels this particular festive look. They just look super cute in their faux fur trimmed Santa outfits complete with cutesy hats and long, black gloves. The Plastics set some super high festive squad goals.


As a young teenager, my friends and I loved performing in our school concerts and singing musical numbers and show tunes. When we saw the Plastics’ rendition of “Jingle Bell Rock” we knew we had to try this catchy tune, so we borrowed some Santa style costumes from my mom’s dance school and choreographed our own routine to accompany our singing. The costumes we wore were really cute; they were red sequin dresses with silver sequin collars which really suited the song. It helped that we could borrow costumes rather than buy our own because as broke teens who lived off of allowances and summer jobs, there was no way we could afford a cool outfit.


Now, however, I would love to assemble a squad of my nearest and dearest gal pals and wear a costume more similar to the Plastics’ festive costumes. So in order to make my tween dreams come true, here’s how you can dress like the Plastics in their “Jingle Bell Rock” attire.


The Santa Hat

The classic red and white Santa hat is the lynchpin that holds the rest of the outfit together. So make sure you get a traditional style hat to act as the key piece of your look.

The Red Top

When choosing a top to accompany your Plastics outfit, make sure it’s a bright, cheery red and it has thin straps to really emulate the look.

You could even opt for a bodysuit — it makes dancing around much easier.

The White Faux Fur Trim

If your top comes sans faux fur, you may need to get crafty. Purchase some faux fur from your local craft store or online and sew it along the top of your shirt. No good with a needle? No problem, just use some fabric glue instead.

The Santa Skirt

Isn’t this the most adorable, festive skirt? This marabou feather trimmed tutu is sure to make the Plastics proud — and it’s available in sizes 0 to 20

The Bow Belt

The Plastics prove that it’s all in the details with perfectly put together accessories like a patent, black bow belt. This particularly pretty piece is available in sizes S to XL.


The Long Black Gloves

You have to admit, the girls really got Santa Clause’s gloves down to a T with their long black pairs. IMO the crew would totally love these black gloves with a hint of sparkle in them. So grool.


The Black Heeled Boots

The Plastics oozed sass in their routine — especially when it got to the part of the dance where they slapped their upper thighs — so you’re going to need a pair of boots that are long, heeled, and show off some leg between the top of the boots and your skirt.

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