John Lewis&Partners and Elton John just owned Christmas

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John Lewis&Partners and Elton John just owned Christmas


The British retail chain John Lewis & Partners has a new Christmas TV show, which is a gem. It’s strategic, it’s well-made, creative, and overall, the things in our ads are always long, but rarely passed, magic.

This is the scene, then I will break down the thousand reasons I like it. Ladies and Gentlemen, Sir Elton John:

For me, this is so powerful is the strategy. This is to convince us that “some gifts are more than just gifts.” Intelligence comes from high-end retailers, and its price can be an obstacle.

By successfully communicating this message, the brand redefines how customers perceive their (more expensive) gifts. It is no longer a dishwasher, TV, jacket or a bottle of perfume.

Like Elton’s piano, John Louis and his partner’s gift may have a well-thought-out and transformative mission in the lives of others.
For Elton, the gift of the piano, we now know that one day you can get a gold record of 500 million US dollars, fame and fortune, a gift from the knight. But even at the moment of the gift, just a mother wants her child to be happy at Christmas.

In any case, this location conveys the strategy forcefully and emotionally, and in the process increases the perceived value of buying gifts from John Lewis & Partners.

The dream of high-end retailers.

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