Levis Commons is ready for the Christmas transformation

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Levis Commons is ready for the Christmas transformation

Turning Levis Commons into a Christmas wonderland is no easy task.

“We have to exchange this quickly,” said Allison Schroeder, marketing director at Levis Commons. “It’s not like movie elves, they can turn Christmas in one night.”

Between the string of lights and the soft branches, this is a process that they must start a few weeks before the holiday season.

“Really, it will take a few months,” Schroeder said. “The lights on the boulevard, they have been working for weeks, and then behind the scenes, we have been working hard to renovate all kinds of wreaths.”

This change needs to be completed before the November 17th tree lighting ceremony.

“This is before Thanksgiving; however, we feel that we want to extend that season, as long as we can serve retailers. The more you can create this kind of emotion, the more people will go out shopping and enjoy the atmosphere,” Rhodes added.

Lily told 13abc that it would take several weeks to renovate the store during the holiday season.

We have a winter wonderland that they want to see every year, it’s so beautiful and enjoyable,” Lily’s Maggie Warner said. “We must take it out as soon as possible to make it a customer. ”

Some people say that it is too early to place the hall, but some people say that this is the best time to enter the Christmas spirit.

“I wasn’t a fan of Christmas decorations before Halloween, but I understand why people do this,” Ted Sberna said.

“This makes you very excited,” Judi Shaf said. “I was very excited when I saw all the flashing lights. I just like the flashing lights.”

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