Orangeburg light up for Christmas

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Orangeburg light up for Christmas


On Sunday night, Christmas officially arrived in Orangeburg.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Memorial Square in downtown Orangeburg on Russell Street to celebrate the holiday season.

James and Catherine Griffin had the privilege of flipping the lights that illuminate the Christmas lights on the square, including the Christmas tree.

Before the lighting, many citizens gathered at the Stevenson Auditorium to participate in the Christmas activities of the Orangetown Downtown Revitalization Association.

The attendees were welcomed by several performances, including the performance of Edisto Elementary Sensational Singers, the “Silent Night” by Alyssa Lentz and the “The Nutcracker” ballet by Aniyah Green.

At the end of the show, the participants left the theater and walked into a winter wonderland, as snowflakes made of soap fell from the sky.

Little Elliot Jones and his mother Taylor participated in both events. Eliot said that he was very happy to see the lights.

When asked if he was having fun, Eliot replied “Yes.”

Eliot said that his favorite part of the night was the “choo-choo train” show and the Christmas tree.

Eliot is very happy that Christmas is coming, and there is a big gift on his list. He hopes to find a “Thomas and Friends Bike” under the Christmas tree next month.

Taylor Jones said that she and her son enjoyed themselves as they did during the night and noticed that Eliot told her that it was “the best night ever.”

“I really like the whole community to get together,” Jones said.

“I’ve been looking for good, healthy ways to entertain him and let him remember these things when he grows up,” she said.

The lights on the square are not the only lights that illuminate during the ceremony.

The light display of the Edisto Memorial Garden is also part of the holiday season.

From January 1st, the lights will shine. Children’s Garden Christmas will be open from 5pm to 10pm. Daily and children’s walks will be open from 5pm to 9pm. From the Lady Fountain on Russell Street to the Orange County County Art Center, there is a daily route to Riverside Drive.

Those who want to take photos with Santa Claus will have the opportunity to do this in the pavilion in the garden. Santa Claus will be at the pavilion from 6pm to 8pm. November 23 to 24, November 30, December 1, December 6 to 7, December 13 to 14, December 18 to 22.

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