Review: Disney’s charming Christmas ballet

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Review: Disney’s charming Christmas ballet

A famous Christmas story, “The Nutcracker”, if it doesn’t have the ballet it knows, it seems to be incomplete, but Disney makes it work. “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”, the famous Christmas ballet adapted from Disney, is a wonderful interpretation of the classic fairy tale.

The plot of “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” follows the basic aspects of its source material. As in the ballet, the story tells a young girl named Mackenzie Foy, who is transported to a mysterious world of candy and magic made up of four fields: The Sugary Kingdom (Kellanet) Lie, led by the Candy Kingdom, is led by Baron Shiver, the flower field led by Eugenio Derbez and the entertainment sector led by Helen Mirren.

Clara began to stop the villains, ginger, and destroy everyone. Clara’s mother played a more important role in this version, becoming the queen and creator of the four fields and the people in it. This detail is very different from the original, and Clara’s family does not know the world of the Nutcracker.

Clara is a perfect choice. Foy is known for his role as Cindy’s “The Conjuring” and for the role of The Little Girl in Netflix’s “Little Prince” book. Foy brings confidence to Clara’s character and provides a performance full of emotions and strength.

Another outstanding figure is Jayden Fowora-Knight (Phillip, The Nutcracker), and his only other credit to date is a small role in “Ready Player One.” Although Fowora-Knight is a newcomer to Hollywood, he can add subtlety and credibility to his character. It seems that he has been on the screen for many years. Philip was originally a shy follower, but gained confidence in the film process. Fowora-Knight compliments Foy very slowly and slowly takes the character out of his outer shell. In a special scene in which Clara threatened to go home, Philip asked her to accept her duties as a hero of the kingdom. Fowora-Knight gave Phillip a gentle confidence in the scene, and this confidence is why Clara needs to start moving again.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be as perfect as Foy and Fowora-Knight. Debbez is such an actor, his performance is not very good. Debbez is known for his role in the film, such as “not including instructions” and “how to become a Latin lover”, but his work in “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms” is a work of amateurs. Debez spent a whole period of time trying to play stutter, flustered, empty Hawthorne, but the show eventually felt forced and troubled. Debez’s performance is one of the only negative effects of the film.

“The Nutcracker and the Four Worlds” have fantastic costumes that are more impressive than other live-action Disney movies. At the beginning, when the setting occurs in the normal world, all garments are satisfactory for the time period and position. The character wears cute Victorian prom dresses, floral patterns, soft colors and curly curly hairstyles. In these areas, clothing is as confusing and magical as the rest of the world. Sugar Plum Fairy’s dresses stand out in the clothing. It looks great in various shades of pink and purple.

Another aspect of the movie that stands out from other live-action Disney movies is CGI and Green Screen. Although Disney’s other movies have good CGI, the Nutcracker and the Four Worlds look so real in some places that they are scary. At the height of the film, Clara must climb up the back of the castle, with a steep cliff hanging from the back of the castle, and the dangerous waters below it. The visual effects are impressive and create a seamless illusion that Clara is really just a place to stay away from death. The computer effect is organic, and the fantasy world jumps off the screen.

Although the film may have deviated from what people know, it is still an amazing adaptation that deserves fair praise. From impressive performances to stunning costume designs and stunning CGI, the “Nutcracker and Four Worlds” is a whimsical and wonderful Christmas classic retelling.

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