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You might think the time for costumes has passed because Christmas always passed quickly but Christmas costumes add a lot of festive fun to the holidays. With a little creativity, you can use your Santa suit throughout the holiday season to delight people and make them happy. Santa is part of the magic of Christmas and is a visible reminder of the love and joy of the season. Santa suits can be worn for many different occasions during the holiday and you are sure to be the center of attention every time you wear one. Santa needs elves too, so your friends and family can get in on the fun by dressing up as elves or other Christmas characters. You can even start a family tradition of turning Christmas into a costume holiday as well as Halloween. Check out some of the ways that wearing a Santa suit can make the holidays better for you and your friends and family:


Holiday Photos

Whether you need a creative and fun family photo for Christmas cards or you just want holiday photos that will stand out from the barrage of holiday photos on Instagram, Facebook, and social media this year wearing a Santa suit will make an impression. Your holiday photos and videos will be great reminders of wonderful family holidays for you and your kids. Skip the ugly sweaters for your holiday photo this year and dress up as Santa and his elves, or Santa and Mrs. Claus.


Surprise Some Children

Christmas is a magical time for children, and you can use a Santa suit to thrill your kids and other kids. If you show up at a holiday party dressed as Santa you will be confirming the existence of Santa for every child at the party. You will love seeing their eyes shine when they see Santa right in front of them. You can also use a Santa suit to surprise children who are in the hospital, living in a shelter, or are in other sad circumstances. You’d be amazed at what a Santa sighting can do to lift a child’s spirit. This year get a Santa suit and surprise some kids in your community as a way to pay it forward.

You can also surprise your own kids on Christmas Eve by showing up to deliver presents dressed in a Santa suit.  A fun way to start this tradition is to give kids a special set of holiday PJs on Christmas Eve and read the Night Before Christmas story to them. Then tell them they have to go to sleep in order for Santa to come. Sneak into their room in the middle of the night dressed in a Santa suit and leave a special surprise or cookie on their pillows. Wake them up before you leave so they can see Santa. They will be amazed and super excited to see Santa.


Sing Some Carols

Take your family and friends out singing Christmas carols in your neighborhood dressed as Santa and other Christmas characters. Your neighbors will love seeing you dressed up in costume and hearing your carols. They may even join in, or offer you some hot chocolate or coffee. When you take the initiative to do fun community things often other people will happily join in. Just going to a few houses and singing carols could turn into an annual Christmas event in your neighborhood. And it can all start with a Santa suit.


Thank Your Employees

If you have been searching for a fun way to thank your employees for all their hard work during the year this year dress up in a Santa suit to hand out their Christmas bonuses and presents. Take the time to wrap each card or present and write a personal message on the card. Then get into your Santa suit and get to the office. Walking through the office in a Santa suit will get everyone into a festive mood and spread a lot of joy and happiness. There’s no better to let your employee know how much you value their hard work and loyalty than by giving them some Christmas joy as well as a Christmas present or bonus.




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