Shapewear That is Comfort, Easy and Functional

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Shapewear That is Comfort, Easy and Functional

Shapewear has become the one garment that is as needed as underwear. In earlier days they were tight fitted and women used to have a love-hate relationship with them. But now they are accepted by all.

Perhaps that’s the reason why they have evolved in style and comfort. There is shapewear for thighs, stomach and butt muscles. Every shapewear focuses on the different needs of women. Some are made for everyday wear and some for workouts only.  Some are plus size shapewear and some are only for work out.

If shapewear is comfortable and easy to function then that would be them :

  1. CoreSculpt Tummy Control Body Shaper with Butt Lifter

This shapewear is a bodysuit that shapes the entire body from waist to hip to back. It is one of the best plus size shapewear.

  • It dissolves the fat in the abdomen, hips and the entire back area.
  • It has an open gusset design that makes it comfortable to use washrooms.
  • It can be used by pregnant women after pregnancy and women who went through surgery.
  • CoreSculpt Tummy Control Full Body Shaper

This body wear is a full-body shapewear bodysuit that is a great choice if you want something comfortable and easy to wear.

  • It is designed with a zipper that it can be put on and worn easily  
  • It slim downs the hips and shapes them to their best.
  • The shoulder straps can be changed as per convenience.
  • It is comfortable to wear every day.
  • CoreSculpt Advanced Body Sculptor
CoreSculpt™ Advanced Body Sculptor

This shapewear bodysuit is smooth and comfortable.  It feels like a second skin. It has an overall slim down effect making it ideal for all dresses.

  • It slims the upper body fat without putting any pressure on the breasts.  
  • It also slims the waist fat and trims the love handles.
  • It has a breathable, smooth and light fabric that is perfect for everyday wear.
  • The shoulder straps held up the upper back and help it from being strained.
  • PowerConceal Seamless Power Mesh Sculptor

This one is an all-rounder. It targets 7 areas of fat together and changes the overall look to stylish and confident.

  • It has double stomach slimming
  • Flexible mash design on the butt muscles to provide support and make them look natural.
  • Breathable fabric with seamless design
  • A silicone lining that holds the fabric in place and avoids it from slipping down.
  • NeoSweat Workout Fitness Shorts Crop Tops Suit

This is a workout favourite. Put it on and increase the efficiency of the workout and look slim at the same time.

  • Woven with a jacquard fabric that Is lightweight and gets dry easily making it easy to work out more.
  • Elastic fitting so that the fabric stays in place.
  • Controls the stomach and lower back fat. Shapes the butt muscles.
  • Has a detachable coaster that makes it easy to wash.
  • Has pockets for small items.

Shapewear can be both comfortable and do its job at the same time I.e slimming the body fat. There can be many options depending on what part of the body a person wants to focus on.  

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