Some Cheap Handbags Ideas You Should Know before Shopping

Some Cheap Handbags Ideas You Should Know before Shopping
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Some Cheap Handbags Ideas You Should Know before Shopping

Discover what you should consider when choosing your bag for everyday life and avoid frustration

The bag is one of the most indispensable accessories in anyone’s life. This is where you can store your documents, makeup, medicine for an emergency, among other items that vary from person to person.

And as it has this important function of storing our belongings, it is important that your choice is well made, so that it meets both your requirements in terms of style and usability.

And even though it’s such an essential item, it’s not necessary to fill your closet with several. Having a medium or large bag for everyday life and a small one for going out at night is enough. This already ensures that you don’t waste time every day switching contents from one bag to another and prevents you from forgetting something important in a bag as a result of this exchange.

For you to be able to analyze the bag well when buying and make the right choice, it is essential to pay extreme attention to the aspects discussed below.

1. Style

When thinking about the style of the bag, keep in mind the type of clothing you usually wear. For those who have a more informal style, wear a lot of jeans, t-shirts, sneakers, a backpack may be the best option, or even a small crossbody bag.

For those who wear neutral to formal looks, a leopard chest bag or a medium crossbody bag with snake print can be good alternatives. For those who adopt a totally formal style, the structured totes in smooth leather are suitable models.

It is important to remember that if you vary a lot between looks with prints and bright colors, the ideal is that the bag you will use on a daily basis is more neutral and contains few details. In the case of those who wear more neutral looks and with fewer prints, bags with more details, embroidery and prints can go well with the look.

It is also worth remembering that the more colors and strong prints the bag has, the more it will draw attention and so you may end up “getting sick” of it. While the more neutral ones can be used for a longer time without having this problem.

2. Size

In addition to considering what you carry in your bag to choose your size, you also need to think about the size of the piece in relation to your body. Look:

Short, petite women look taller when they wear small bags;

Tall women are best suited with large bags, proportionate to their height;

Tall and thin women can also opt for bags with more rounded shapes, longer horizontally;

Short women can adopt the models of longer bags, rectangular vertically;

Short-strap bags show off the breasts when worn slung over the shoulder;

On the other hand, medium to long shoulder bags are good for practically all types of silhouette.

It’s common knowledge, but it doesn’t hurt to reinforce: avoid carrying too much weight in your bag, even if it’s big. Excess weight damages the spine and can cause pain, so carry only the essentials in your bag.

3. Pockets and dividers

This is an important point and it varies greatly from person to person. There are those who prefer bags that have an external pocket to store a change or to leave the cell phone within easy reach.

There are also those who like bags with specific inside pockets for lipstick, pen and cell phone, or even a good central divider to put a book, notebook or tablet, depending on the size of the piece.

This, without a doubt, is an important detail that you should check when buying a bag, because many times as beautiful as they are on the outside, they do not have the proper division that you need on the inside and with that their practicality decreases a lot, requiring you to you use toiletry bags and cases to organize the space inside the bag.

4. Zipper and clasps

Paying attention to the type of closure and the quality of the bag’s zipper is essential. Bags without zippers can be practical for several times, but be unsafe especially for those who use public transport.

When looking at the bag, open and close the zipper a few times to make sure it doesn’t get stuck and that it’s sturdy. Also check that the opening is not too complicated: bags with a “belt” or button closure are more difficult to open than those with a zipper and magnet.

Analyzing the items above when choosing the piece, you will be able to leave the store with the certainty that you have bought what you really need and like. It is also worth remembering that, when in doubt, a nude or black bag is the type that never goes out of fashion and will always be very easy to match with any look. But don’t be afraid to take a risk and invest in a more fashionable piece, as long as it harmonizes well with your style.

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