Thanks to Resident Evil, Cammy got pants in Street Fighter 5

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Thanks to Resident Evil, Cammy got pants in Street Fighter 5

According to Capcom’s judgment over the years of street fighter Cammy’s clothing, one might conclude that British Special Forces operators would hate wearing pants if they are not allergic to them. For Cammy’s 25-year international career, this has become a gimmick.

Next week, a new outfit will be launched, which will eventually provide more coverage for the Street Fighter 5 Cammy. This piece of clothing is based on Jill Valentine’s clothing in the original Resident Evil, and joined two other biohazard costumes – a Wesker costume designed for Urien and an Ada Wong costume designed for Kolin – as Street Fighter 5 Downloadable content. These garments will each cost $3.99.

A little interesting is that Cammy’s Resident Evil costume has a change based on the appearance of Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil 3, wearing a mini skirt and knee-high boots in the zombies.

Here’s the new Resident Evil Clash of Street Fighter 5, which will appear alongside the Cody, Blanka, Sakura and Falke Quartet Christmas themed costumes.
Some street fighters may point out that Cammy had worn the pants before and they were right. In Street Fighter 4, Cammy has some alternative clothing, giving her trousers adjacent socks, such as tights and latex bodysuits (and exoskeleton as part of her bee costume). Capcom also recently gave Cammy a Street Fighter 5 outfit inspired by the PlayStation 2 horror game Haunting Ground; however, the clothing does not include pants. Cammy is wearing pants, this is definitely not a pair of pants, but something that goes through the pants. Gil Valentin’s pants are real pants – pockets even!

So, as you can clearly see now, this is an important moment for Cammy.

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