The 6 Best Nail Polish Brands of 2023

The 6 Best Nail Polish Brands of 2023
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The 6 Best Nail Polish Brands of 2023

Having well-made, decorated and enameled nails is part of many women’s beauty routines, isn’t it?

In this way, different types of different nail polish brands end up emerging and in today’s article we are going to present the 6 best nail polish brands of 2023 and even with a few more brands.

I am particularly passionate about nail polishes, so I have a small collection of different brands and I guarantee that you should also have your small collection, right?

The fact is that there are currently a variety of brands on the market, but like me, you must have your favorite brands and in today’s article I bring you a little bit of the history of these brands as well as some famous letters from them.


This company stands for quality, fun colors and an affordable price.

In addition, it does not test on animals, in addition to providing a great price, always maintaining the superior quality of its products.

The same constantly seeks to maintain excellent quality standards in the manufacture of its products and the entire process follows strict quality standards.

Using natural and vegan ingredients to further enhance the quality of the products, thus eliminating substances that are harmful to the health of the nails.

Each product is evaluated following safety tests, in addition to dermatological and ophthalmological tests, generated in the quality of all products, and closely examined by the team of specialists.

Not to mention that the brand is the most sold in Europe, motivating it to continue developing products with a high-quality standard, maintaining an affordable price.

Essence is a very famous brand that contains an infinitely large color palette with colors ranging from the most classic to the strongest, all with great quality and a high standard of excellence.


OPI is a brand known worldwide for having beautiful nail polish models.

It is present in more than 100 countries and among the products sold we have:

-professional items,

– nail treatments,

-finishing products,

– lotions,

– products for manicures/pedicures,


-tools and acrylics.

The company has a strong appeal to social responsibility, thus helping various charities.

This brand has a communion of colors, its main characteristic is to launch several collections in partnership with famous brands such as Disney.

These collections are very successful and as soon as they reach the shelves they end quickly.


Mavala represents the highest quality in terms of products related to top-quality cosmetics, however, it always seeks to innovate and improve even more in the production of its products. All our products are manufactured in laboratories in Geneva following the strictest standards and quality norms.

In addition, the company is responsible for the planet, making an effort to minimize impacts on the environment through the use of raw materials to reduce carbon emissions, in addition to the use of biodegradable products. Its packaging is focused on avoiding waste, in addition to instructions on the packaging to help its consumers also recycle the packaging.

The factory also uses a system to reduce energy consumption and also a strict system of separation and recycling of residues. In addition to being an animal cruelty-free company and not testing its products and ingredients on them.

This brand has a multitude of products ranging from products that offer greater and better nail care, especially in terms of nail treatment.

And also a great color palette.

4-China Glaze:

The company is fully dedicated to providing its customers with high-quality and fully professional nail polishes.

Their colors, in addition to being innovative, provide a highlight for any individual style. The tones range from neon to red, and blue colors, inspired by female beauty.

Nail polishes make the finish of your nails much brighter, resulting in a fusion of professional nail treatments to overall strength and durability of beautiful nails.

This brand, which features beautiful and bright colors, caters to the public from the most conservative women to the most modern and laid-back.

5-Morgan Taylor:The company presents everything that is most modern for nail professionals, whether they are from any sphere.

With selected ingredients

each nail polish is carefully crafted to provide optimum performance as well as style for your nails.

With a highly creative color palette, ranging from classic colors to the most modern, thus opening up new color possibilities.

Its main mission is to produce accessible and high-quality products.

In addition to being a brand that does not test on animals and has full responsibility for the environment.

Another brand that, in addition to having its own nail polishes, also has partnerships with large companies when it comes to launching themed nail polishes in partnership with several other companies, resulting in exclusive products for collectors and nail polish lovers.


The company never stops looking for news for its customers. Constantly going after the latest trends, the team is made up of coree connoisseurs whether they are hot or cold, with or without texture.

Thus printing on the mark a

multifaceted personality. With hits and classics catering to fan favorites that are revolutionary and timeless.

Beautiful and bright colors are the main characteristics of this brand that has many fans around the world.

I invite each one of you to get to know a little more about each of these brands as well as their respective nail polishes, further increasing their collection of nail polishes with beautiful and wonderful colors for all tastes and styles.Enjoy and stay beautiful and beautiful every day.

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