5 Nail Trends For Summer 2021

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5 Nail Trends For Summer 2021

The warmer months are making their appearances soon and who doesn’t like summer? This is the time to ditch the dark colors and embrace vibrant shades or soft feminine shades. Ok, winter has its perks too like laying in the sofa under a thick warm blanket and sipping hot chocolate for days and when it is time to go out, we are all bundled up. This means that all the hard work we put in to color our nails with the latest trends is sadly hidden away in our gloves or pockets. So come summer, people can actually see our manicure for once. If you cannot wait to flaunt your manicure soon, scroll ahead for some eye-catching nail polish colors that you should try this season. 

2020 was huge for nail trends with the reinvention of the classic French manicure. Nail salons were closed for some time because of the pandemic and everyone had to embrace the DIY manicure with nail stickers and decals. For this year, we can take a break from acrylics, retire all the old nail art looks that you were wearing last year and try something new for a change. Whether you are into bright hues or prefer minimalistic designs, here is what 2021 has in store for your nails. 

Color Blocking 

If your nail salon is still close, you may DIY a color block design and it is super easy to do. All you have to do is paint the first four nails in lavender polish and your pinky in a hot pink polish. Then paint half of the thumb, pointer and ring fingers with the same hot pink shade. DIYing a color block design like this for your next manicure is surprisingly easy. Just paint your first four nails in lavender polish and your pinky in hot pink polish. Then go in and paint half of your thumb, pointer, and ring fingers in the same hot pink shade.

Gold and Blue Shade

Here is some more subtle art design for the nails. Gold and blue are two versatile nail polish colors that don’t get paired together enough—and summer 2021 is here to change that. Like, look how chic/cool this combo is? There’s nothing quite like a classic red nail no matter what time of the year. While red is a fine staple, a bold classic yellow, or blue can brighten up your summer look.

Bright Red Nails

Summer is the perfect time to simplify your beauty routine but you can still make a statement with a bright, bold manicure. This spicy red shade will do just that!

Multicolor Nails

Multi print nail art is having a moment now.  If you are into multi-colored manicures but do not want to end up looking like a rainbow, these lovely French tips are it. Just be sure to add in a gel topcoat for an extra-shiny and chip-resistant finish.

Geometric Designs

Do you see a theme going on this season? You will be seeing maximalist nail designs like this geometric-print manicure everywhere in 2021. Grab a couple of bold-colored polishes like green, and mustard yellow) and paint them on each nail. Seal it all in with a glossy top coat and you are all set. If you want to take your manicure to the next level, then these lacquers will help you do just that

No matter which nail design you plan on taking this season, whether it is bright hues, light pastels, or staple nudes, the above nail polish trends will get your manicure summer-ready. 

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