The Bluegrass Santas

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The Bluegrass Santas


Bluegrass Santa Claus is the organization of the Krauss and his wife. “Love Christmas, love children, it’s all part of it,” said Kevin Bowles, a Santa Claus. “if you have such an idea in your heart, you can be a member of the group.” They dress up during the holidays, like nursing homes and shopping malls, but it’s a one-year job loyal to the North Pole. Some group members attend seminars and talk shops together Saturday. “where did you get those boots?” “I like your costume, how did you get it, how did you make your beard so white,” said Bowles. “then we tell the story of the war, what our good times are, what our bad times are, just through friendship and learning industry and our experience-this is a great moment.” You will hear some interesting stories. “there are more than 60 Santa Claus in this group alone, and there are many more around the country and even abroad-the International Brothers of Santa Claus. Those who meet on Saturday are familiar with attracting attention. “come on.-you have a reaction,” Bowles said. “you get out of the car, walk and buy gas money, and everyone looks at you like ‘what Santa does here?'” Santa Claus began to do business, they experienced the children may ask questions, and how to better deal with each other’s ideas. “We work hard to educate. We try to make sure everyone does the same thing. We want to maintain the right image, “said Tom Dobbins, another Santa Claus. Through this, their aim is to spread magic and joy. “sometimes the only good thing a child hears all year round is when he talks to Santa or when she talks to Santa,” Dobbins said. “so we never told them they were naughty. We always praise them. Now, if they’re naughty, then you just, you know you can do better. “I didn’t think I’d be a member of a big Santa Claus in 10 years.” You like to see the expressions on the children’s faces from the beginning, “Bowles said.” “I’m a prop. The most important thing is the expression on the child’s face in the photo. That’s what it means. Later that day, some bluegrass Santa Claus visited the Corvette Museum and ended their trip. They will soon meet again in September to prepare for the inevitable rush of Christmas.

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