Christmas Returns to The Shops at South Town in Utah

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Christmas Returns to The Shops at South Town in Utah

Sandy, utah– (Business Wire) –jul 19, 2018–back by popular demand, Warner Bros. consumer. Town on November 1, 2018, and stay open through January 21, 2019. this press release features. H town in sandy, utah. (photo: Business Wire) Christmas in the wizarding. Ow displays and an enhanced green screen experience, among other interactive elements.. Nd robes, Bertie Bott ‘s every-flavour beans and Chocolate Frogs, fan-favorite plush. S of precariously stacked Ollivanders wand boxesphoto opportunity, featuring a selection of. Films to life “Christmas in the wizarding world at the shops at). Ed to host Christmas in the wizarding world again, where friends. Maxi award during the 2018 global awards sponsored by the International Council of. We are honored to collaborate with a talented group of people and. R series since 1997, the world has been captivated by the magic of. De new best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione granger. as the three. July 19, 2018 – July 19, 2018 – the wbcp and ges events will again bring Christmas in the wizard world, the family fun Harry Porter theme retail experience, to Sandy, Utah. This seasonal store will be opened in Nancheng’s store in November 1, 2018 and continues until January 21, 2019. Multi-media features.

Christmas in the wizard world, family fun Harry Porter theme retail experience in the store in southern town in Sandy, Utah. (photo: business line) Christmas in the wizardry world is a winter’s village of the features and atmosphere of the village. In particular, the selection of selected wizard world goods. The participating stores offer a wide range of wand varieties, film inspired window display and enhanced green screen experience, as well as other interactive elements. The main features of the experience include the wide selection of Harry Porter and monsters, and where to find their goods including: specially designed Holiday decorations and stockings, house sweaters and robes, Bertie’s every taste bean and Chocolate Frogs, fan favorite plush o.wls, wand, jewels, and brand collection from the highly anticipated film Monster: Grindal Wald’s crime, into the theater November 16th, and 2018 shelves full of hundreds of instability. The fixed stacked olviandes Club photo opportunity, with a selection of background options from the wizard workquffle throwing activity, where guests can practice their Quidditch skills animation window throughout the retail experience, will bring the landmark stores from the movie to the life “Christmas in the wizard world in store Nan Town to provide fans and shoppers.” With the magic of Harry Porter’s experience, said: “Robin Stapley, vice president design and creativity, ges event.” we are happy to bring this holiday retail experience back to Utah. “” we are glad to have Christmas in the wizard world again. Here, friends, family and fans can enjoy Christmas in a unique and memorable way. ” Heather Nash, marketing manager of the South City store, said that at 2018 global awards, the wizard world’s Christmas was awarded to the maxim prize.Maxi award at the International Magic World Awards last year, showing the most innovative activities in the retail real estate industry, programs and technology, added to shopping centers and companies all over the country. Value. Read more here. “We are honored to work with a talented person and company to create this incredible experience for our guests,” Nagy Rakai Yam said, senior vice president of marketing in the Pacific retail capital partners, owners and operators in South City. About the Harry Porter series from 1997 The world is attracted by the story of Harry Porter J.K Rowling. When Harry Porter learned that he was actually a wizard on his eleventh birthday, he was quickly involved in the charming world of Hogg Watts’s magic school and new friends, Ron Weasley and Grainger. When three friends began to seize the suspension and Quidditch rules. Lord Voldemort has always been one of the darkest sorcerers. He threatens the future of the wizard world.

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