The Queen forced to re-record her Christmas speech

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The Queen forced to re-record her Christmas speech

A new documentary reveals that the Queen was forced to rerecord her annual Christmas speech after being interrupted by noisy birds. The two-part documentary the Queen of the World salutes the monarch, whose fans have a glimpse of her daily life. In a particular scene, the Queen recorded last year’s Christmas speech, and the monarch is known for usually completing the announcement in one shot.

However, the Queen was taken aback when a technician claimed that the outside songbird interrupted the recording and the Queen had to record her speech again.

The man asked his majesty carefully: “excuse me, may I ask?” Because there’s a bird out there, can you start over again? ” She looked up in surprise and said, “from the top of the second page?” He added: “from the beginning.”

The Queen did not look happy, as she repeated, and asked, “do you want the whole thing again?” The nervous technician carefully replied, “if possible. I know it’s. Thank you. ”

However, professionals alike, the Queen giggles as she prepares to speak again.

In the background scene of the palace, the Duchess of Sussex also revealed her surprise for Prince Harry on the wedding day. On itv, Megan Markle (meghanmarkle) reunited with her gorgeous Givenchy (givenchy) wedding dress, the first since May when Megan looked at a dress designed by (claire waight keller). Admitting that her choice was to have her veil embroidered with 53 flowers from Commonwealth countries-she didn’t disclose the details to her husband until an important day.

“it’s important for me, especially as a member of the royal family, to merge all 53 Commonwealth countries,” she said. “I know it’s a surprise for my husband, too. He doesn’t know.” The Duchess went on to say: “he found that I would make such a choice for our days together. He was ecstatic, and I think the rest of the family had a similar reaction and gratitude because we knew how important it was.” It’s for us, our role, and what we will continue to do in the Commonwealth. “the Queen of the World will broadcast on itv at 9:15 on Tuesday, September 26.


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