What Not-To-Wear At Your Christmas Party

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What Not-To-Wear At Your Christmas Party

Much of the joy of the holiday season comes from attending the various parties held by our employers, family members, and friends. From dipping forks into beautifully presented desserts at fine restaurants, to loudly singing Christmas carols around great-grandma’s piano, every get-together has its own unique flavor that makes it special. While the environment and atmosphere may change, some factors of the dress code stay the same. Here’s what you should avoid wearing at this year’s Christmas parties.

Too Short: Even if your party is exclusively made up of adults, wearing dresses and skirts that rise more than an inch above the knee tends to diverge from the Christmas spirit. Skip the trends and choose something that’s classy and sophisticated instead.

Too Bare: A sleeveless dress or bare legs in December is sure to generate a few comments for those attending parties in northern states. Make sure your clothing matches your climate. Wear a sweater and tights.

Too Glitzy: While you may be eager to wear the new diamond earrings you received from your husband, and the diamond necklace you received the year before, having too many diamonds can rub others the wrong way. Stick to just one or two tasteful pieces.

Too Festive: A green turtleneck, candy cane earrings, Santa hat, or jingle bell bracelet can all add to the holiday spirit, but having all of those things together may be a bit much. Stick to one or two festive pieces.

Too Casual: While the “ugly Christmas sweater” may be a huge hit with family, it may not be as appropriate for upscale events. Check the dress code for parties held at banquet halls and restaurants. When in doubt, play it safe, and go along with what the other partygoers will be wearing.

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