What to Wear Now: Spring Outfit Ideas from the Runway

Spring Outfit Ideas from the Runway
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What to Wear Now: Spring Outfit Ideas from the Runway

Vibrant colors, sparkles, joy, sensuality and bare skin are some of the trends we can see when following fashion shows around the world.

And with that in mind, in today’s article, we are going to provide spring runway outfit ideas.

For those who love glitter and sequins, it is possible to celebrate, as these items dominated fashion events.

They were seen in dresses, blouses and pants in a chic and luxurious way, in the fashion  shows of famous brands, who put several and several doses of luxury through their sparkles.

The trend conveys the moment of optimism in the post-pandemic period and is influenced by the famous metaverse.

The pleat is another trend that comes strong in the season! Glamor is on the rise in general. And with it, tighter pieces with pleated details, which mark and make the body more contoured.

Skirts in midi and maxi sizes with pleats are back, bringing elegance to outfits. These pieces can be used in looks both for work and day-to-day as well as for the club, with certainty that there will be no mistake.

For those who like to show off their skin on hot days, or even on cooler days, you should bet on the asymmetric cut.

With pieces that have a mini length, leaks, slits and deep necklines, these are the characteristics of these pieces.

This trend drew attention and is coming very strong for the first / summer of 2023. Asymmetric cutouts appeared on fashion shows for famous brands around the world.


Elegant, different and sexy, transparency remains a strong trend for this year. Specific parts of the body are revealed, but without showing – which brings even more sensuality to the pieces.

A point that draws attention is that the waist and hip are parts that continue to be well marked in transparent pieces.

Trend that appears in skirts, dresses, shirts, pants, among others.

With pieces that have fluidity, lightness, movement and freedom as their main characteristics. Sensations are present on the catwalks through feathers and fringes.

Some of the brands that brought the trend to the fore were through various pieces presented in famous fashion shows.

In addition to clothing, shoes and accessories must also follow the line.

National brands have bet on several crochet pieces.

Crochet should remain strong in national territory as one of the main trends of the Spring/Summer 2023 season. In addition to it, several other manual activities should be seen parading through the streets.

Anyone who thinks that leather pieces are only worn on cold days is wrong, know that this year many will be seen on the streets during the warmer season.

A few years ago, the social media aesthetic was all the rage, and now it might be making a comeback.

Leather appeared in several fashion shows, such as those of famous brands using the rock footprint.

Style brings pieces such as tank tops, plaid shirts, jeans, dresses, lingerie on display and color combinations, such as black and purple. Dark clothes, with rips and band logos also appear among the most searched pieces for inspirations of looks on social networks.

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