Consider These Spring Trends if You Want To Wear Jeans

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Consider These Spring Trends if You Want To Wear Jeans

When it comes to comfort and style blended in together, Jeans are it. Whether you are dressing up or keeping it low-key jeans – like chameleons have the range to be styled in whatever way you want.

With that being said, other pant trends have been going out on a high, gaining popularity with celebrities and influencers sporting different pant look, however, this doesn’t mean that jeans are out of style. No, this just means that jeans lover need to up their game, to keep up with fashion trends.

If you are a true jeans lover, consider these spring trends to keep on sporting jeans and looking fabulous while doing so!

Baggy Jeans

As culottes and wide-leg pants become famous, baggy jeans pulls in jean lovers wanting to be included in the wide-leg trend.

Inspired from the 90s, these relaxed and baggy jeans – often also referred to as the ‘mom jeans’ are a worthy investment. The jeans whether light or dark washed, is a piece that will remain timeless in your closet.

Easily paired with a sleek top, whether cropped or not, with the addition of an oversized jacket and some boots will give way to the perfect date night outfit.

Flare Jeans

Unlike baggy jeans, flare jeans have a different silhouette. Flare jeans have a body hugging shape from the top, until the under the knees, where the shape is similar to bell bottoms.

What this silhouette does is make the wearer of the jeans seem much more slim, slender as well as tall.

This type of jeans pairs perfectly well with tucked in sweaters, halter tops and jackets.

If this spring you are looking to add some more dimension to your style and look lean and taller, investing and opting for flare jeans will be a perfect idea for you.

Split Hem Jeans

Often jeans are pretty straight forward, with a flare here and there. What happens when you want the jean to be stylish on its own? Well, then you buy a split hem jean.

A split hem jean, like its name has splits towards the bottom hem and while the split may not always be obvious at first, however with movement it shines.

These types of jeans are big fashion pieces on their own. The split paired with subtle sandals such as slides or even kitten heels can just elevate the outfit.

Pastels and Bright’s

A classic jean is obviously the denim blue; however, color are being added into this conversation. Colorful jeans such as the light pastels or the bright neon’s make a wonderful fashion piece.

Pairing them with a simple t-shirt can allow the outfit to look chic and cool under five minutes!

Jeans have always been a wonderful and key piece inside everyone’s closet. Whether you wear it daily or take it out on occasions, jeans always has that magic element to it that just makes the outfit a hundred percent better.

While jeans remains classic, there are trends in the fashion world that have strayed away from jeans. People who follow it love it – however, jeans lovers want to stay put. With the above-mentioned trendy jeans, you will be part of the fashion trend, while staying in your jean comfort zones! More Spring Tips you can visit

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