‘White Christmas’ brings songs and dances to Fox Theatre

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‘White Christmas’ brings songs and dances to Fox Theatre

Atlanta’s 5th Bank Broadway Collection will bring Owen Berlin’s “White Christmas” (adapted to the stage of a classic movie) to the Fox Theatre from November 27th to December 2nd.

According to the production company’s news report, “White Christmas” tells the story of two entertainment friends performing at the picturesque Vermont hotel and finding their perfect spouse.

“(It) includes dance, romance, laughter and some of the greatest songs of all time, including “Calculating your blessings instead of sheep”, “Happy Holidays”, “Sisters”, “Blue Sky” and unforgettable The main song “White “Christmas” promises to bring joy and a bright experience to the whole family,” the press release said.
The two actors – Gary Conte, play Betty Haynes and Sean Montgomery, who play the role of Bob Wallace – agree with this It is a work that suits the whole family.

“People should see this show because it provides something for every family member,” Conti said. “This is a show with great information and stories. It is a luxurious Broadway musical with wonderful music and dance.”

Montgomery said watching the stage performance “is a perfect night for the entire family.”

“There are things for everyone on this show: incredible dances, great music and dazzling sets and costumes,” he said.

The work features Berlin music and lyrics. The stage was based on the 1954 Paramount Films film, which was painted by Norman Krasner, Norman Panama and Melvin Frank.
Conti said that her favorite program element is what she described as “the identity it evokes.”

“This is a story about people coming together and selflessly helping people in need,” she said. “In addition, we have a close lineup of actors who are very interesting to share with the audience.”

Montgomery said he likes two things on this show: arrangement and choreography.

“The creative and elegant Landis Kinner is perfectly matched to the complex musical arrangements of your favorite Owen Berlin tunes,” he said. “You will definitely leave the theater and even sing and dance.”

This new work was produced by Work Light Productions. The creative team includes Skinner’s direction and choreography, Anna Louizos’ landscape design, Kenneth Foy’s landscape supervision and adaptation, Ken Billington’s lighting design and the sound design of Peter Fitzgerald and Erich Bechtel.

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