Why should you go skiing in Christmas instead of the New Year?

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Why should you go skiing in Christmas instead of the New Year?

What are you doing at Christmas? If the C word mentioned is like an icicle through the heart, don’t worry – you are not alone.

As a prefix, Christmas devalues ​​everything that follows: movies; parties; jumpers; ranking first… like a child crossing John Lewis’s furniture department with a felt tip. Once you overcome the obstacles of all the time you will actually do, the holiday is the only thing that won’t break.

Skiing is the perfect solution.

Anyway, this is how I sell it to my wife. Imagine: no cooking; no law; no house / our house / their house / dog house. There is no Queen’s speech, the BBC repeats. There is no listless peace on Boxing Day, and there is no debate about who goes out for a walk. There are no gifts.

This may be the straw that breaks the back of the little donkey. I was told that we still have a 10-year-old who wants Santa’s visit. severe.

So, use Wham to explain! Last Christmas, I gave her an elevator ticket. The next day, we went to the slopes of Sauze d’Oulx with event expert Nelson. We enjoyed one of their sporting beach holidays in Sardinia last summer; of course, will the same formula work for Christmas in northern Italy?

I am a little worried about this resort: “Suzy” is a party girl in the 80s and 90s, which is more suitable for skiing after skiing than the magical family winter. But on the plus side, Turin has only 90 minutes of flight time and the coach will move to the slopes. Without a hijacking of Santa’s sleigh, the journey is not easy.

Snow may be a problem: Sauze is located on the sunny south side of the Alps and has suffered several tortuous starts in the season in recent years. This is the hinge of my holiday opening swing. Wrong, the children may never believe me anymore. More importantly, we braved to laugh at FaceTiming our family that was left out on Christmas Day.

I don’t have to worry: our hotel Edelweiss is located in the quiet little village of Jouvenceaux; the beautiful medieval streets don’t even have a supermarket, let alone a noisy après scene. However, the hotel is less than 100 metres from the ski lifts.

The larger and more prosperous Sauze d’Oulx next door; part of the same Galaxy ski area, including Pragelato, Sestriere, Cesana and Sansicario. Everyone is still proud to take the ring of the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics.

If you like international adventures, the elevator ticket is even included in the day in France. You can ski on the full 6-day pass to the Montgenèvre border, worth 196 euros (171 pounds). Or it provides all lifts are open, they are mainly used for Christmas week. The Italian season didn’t really start until Boxing Day. Even so, some older elevators didn’t work, but in most cases, the Galaxy was open and able to achieve its excellent fees.

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