4 Ways to Style a Black and White-Collar Sweater

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4 Ways to Style a Black and White-Collar Sweater

If you think your black and white-collar sweater is the thing of the 80’s, you need to reconsider getting it out of your closet. Black sweater withy white stripes or visa versa is one of the most versatile things in your closet that you need to utilise the best way possible. It is best to make use of the piece as an office wear.

Sure, wearing the same sweater for the 100th time makes it mundane. Therefore, you must know the various ways to style the black and white-collar sweater.

Make Your Everyday Look Better

Most of us have limited choice when it comes to office wears. That is another reason why we must know how to style those regulars.

Listed below are 4 ways that you can choose to style your usual black and white-collar sweater:

Follow some street styles

If you have some of the staple sweaters in your wardrobe, you can put them to use. A black and white-collar sweater can simply be worn with ripped/ shredded jeans. You can also wear the sweater underneath and top it off it a jacket. If you go for the latter, you must remember not to use gaudy or bright colours for the jacket.

Black and white sweater in scoop neck

A scoop neck sweater in black or white is ideal for the ones who are looking for something casual. Scoop neck sweaters are the best combination of style and comfort. It often looks like an oversized t-shirt but you can also get a slimmer option for yourself.

Wear a black and white scoop neck sweater with long skirts. You can also style the sweater with pencil skirts alternatively.

Turtle Neck Black and White Sweater

Turtle neck sweater has been doing the rounds for the last few years. The best part about turtle neck sweater it that it can be combined with any piece of clothing. One of the popular ways to style a black and white turtle neck sweater is to wear it with a blazer. You can always go your way with the outfits.

Try wearing a turtle neck black and white-collar sweater with a blazer and track pants. Complete the look with white sneakers and a handbag.

V-neck sweater in Black and white

V-neck sweaters need no introduction. It is more likely that you might have one of these in your wardrobe as well. In that case, you must know some of the most creative ways to style your outfits. Wear the sweater with a scarf or underneath a jacket.

You can find Black and white-collar sweaters online at cheap prices.

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