4 Winter Nail Trends Every Girl Should Try

4 Winter Nail Trends Every Girl Should Try
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4 Winter Nail Trends Every Girl Should Try

Many women don’t pay attention to this part of the attire but nails make or break your personality. The nails can actually be a fashion statement. Ranging from the shape to color and art, there are so many factors to consider. There was a time when women would just apply white or red nail paint and be done with the manicure. That’s because when the fashion trends change, the nail trends also change. So, with the winter around the corner, we are sharing four best nail trends that women should follow this winter.

1. Acrylic Shape

If you haven’t been living under the rock, you’d know that women are experimenting with different acrylic nails. They don’t mind experimenting with a variety of shapes. There was a time when women were okay with round and square shapes, but now, they are thinking outside the box. The unique shapes are surfacing and complement the gloves (we all know how gloves are the essentials during winter season). Some of the shapes to look forward to include almond, coffin, and diamond.

Stylish woman covering her eyes with autumn leaves

2. Accent Design

This winter season, you cannot go wrong with accent nail designs. If you like minimalism, you can stick to solid colours while women who like it extra can opt for rhinestones on the nails. These twists on the nails make everyone check out your nails and that’s something every woman is looking forward to. However, to make sure it doesn’t become too overwhelming, we recommend using white or nude pink as the base color and add rhinestones of your liking. All in all, a little sparkle on the nails will surely go a long way.

Vertical closeup of the woman's hand with white manicure

3. Embrace the White Tones

White is something classic and evergreen. That’s because one cannot possibly go wrong with white and can be used all year around, irrespective of the weather. What we love about white colors is that it’s minimalistic and dramatic at once, whatever your skin complexion is. On top of everything, white nails are perfect if you want to tone down the winter outfits and add an innocent factor.

Young model demonstrating expensive ring

4. Sheer Tones

If you don’t mind being bold this winter season, we recommend using the sheer tones. The good thing is that sheer tones are in trend as well. This is actually an apt option for women who want to embrace the dark hues. To achieve the perfect look, you should apply light or nude color as the base layer. On the top, add a dark color. If you can find a transparent nail paint, it’ll be suitable for creating a bold look without being too overwhelming.

Beautiful nail art presentation

Tips to Make Your Nails Pop

Now that you know the four top trends to follow for your nails this winter, it’s time for some additional tips.

  • Make sure your hands are clean and the nails are cut properly.
  • Start investing in hand creams because they keep the hands moisturized (no nail art will look good if your hands look dry and chappy).
  • Use cuticle oil to ensure your fingers look well-kept.

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