These Nail Colour Trends Will Be The Most Popular In Winter

These Nail Colour Trends Will Be The Most Popular In Winter
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These Nail Colour Trends Will Be The Most Popular In Winter

Usually during warm seasons vibrant and neon colors are very popular. Especially in the middle of the summer, it makes sense, as the bright palette looks the best in sunny weather. But when it comes time of colder days, women most likely would choose colder tones for their nails too.

Of course, there are some bright nail polishes that could be quite great during autumn and winter. If you will choose bright nail polish colors, all attention will be to your nails, especially, if you are, as many, prefer dark or earthy tones when it’s grey skies almost every day, trees without leaves and maybe it gets snowy in your place too. So there is no surprise you want something calmer as your manicure after summer bright craziness. An exception might be the main winter holidays just as everyone’s favorite Christmas when many people like to wear all-time classic red or a Christmas tree like green. Or some use both of them and add a white for an extra Christmassy manicure. When you have such a manicure, getting Christmas spirit is guaranteed! Another huge winter holiday is New Year’s Eve. Classic New Year’s nails are something glittery or sparkly. Gold nail polish or red one might be the most popular during this magical night of celebration.

If you’re tired of the same manicure every year and ready for something different this time, keep reading this article to find new pretty alternatives to them.


One of the most popular colors for fall sweaters, at least, the recent years, are going to be trendy during winter, as well, and will be cheering as with its warm and shiny shade. It’s totally not your typical nail polish colour in winter, so you can be sure that you will be the only who has this colour on your nails.


I don’t I if you have heard about this shade before, but turned out, it is in the top of the trendiest shades for the autumn/fall season. If you don’t have it in your nail polish collection, you always can look up it on Google or use brown instead. Still works well for a trendy manicure!


Of course, another cold-season classic. We couldn’t not mention this one. Probably the most popular choice for manicures and pedicures during autumn. But you totally can use it during winter too. Don’t let that fall nail polish to dry out. We are just kidding. But we seriously think such dark shades as burgundy can be one of the best options for a winter manicures.

Narcissist Nail Polish

Earthy green / olive green

So I think we all totally agree that dark shades are the best for this snowy season, but this certain color not only on darker side of the pallet, but it’s quite a bright color too.

And it’s a great alternative to classic vibrant green. We love how this shade is similar to a Christmas tree color. It looks way more cozy than typical green, so this makes the perfect manicure option for Christmas.

Olive Green Nail Polish, Army Green Nails

Eggshell white

If winter was not season, but a colour, what a color it would be? We think most people would answer it’s white. You totally can choose white as your choice for a minimalistic manicure, but if you prefer something more unusual, try eggshell while, it’s basically warm white that will make your winter a little more cozy and warm.

Classic black

Here we have not much to say about it, as all fashionista know black is never leaving a chart of most fashionable shades for many decades. Truly timeless, but still looks edgy

Sage grey

If you don’t have snow during winter in your town, then this color is totally what can be in your associations with winter season.

But to be honest this nail polish looks both elegant and unique. We love the fact it’s not a simple grey, looks so much more interesting!

Ice blue / ice grey

Ice blue or we would say ice grey is must be the best nail option for any events you can have this winter. Simple, elegant, but creative.

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