Key Summer Shoe Trends 2021

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Key Summer Shoe Trends 2021

With a new season comes a whole new shoe wardrobe if you are a shopaholic or shoe obsessed like some of us. It feels good to start embracing some fresh styles again and dusting, whether you are dusting off your favorite pair of colorful heels or adding a few new ones to your collection.  Although it is so comfortable to be wearing sneaker, there are many new summery sandals that will allow you to show off that pedicure. If you are ready to invest in your footwear for summer, read on for the top trends and shoes that fashion girls have been wearing as of late. You won’t be surprised to see a few familiar and practical styles.  There is no better way to celebrate the warmer days and pre for what’s to come than some shopping especially one that involves shoes.

Flip Flopping

There is no surprise that flip flops are a summer shoe trend that keeps on giving. From platform soles to 90s inspired heeled version, this classic trend is here to make all your summer time shoe problems disappear. It is a style that pretty much pairs perfectly with everything.

Gone Fishing

The fisherman sandals are slowly creeping their way up to the top shoe trend chain. This shoe style is very practical and stylish. They add a level of nonchalance to any outfit. Whether you wear it with socks or without, the thick straps and low heel make them the perfect shoe style for the summer season.

Sporty Sandals

Although high heels are slowly making their way back into our lives, practical footwear still take the top spot especially in the sandal department. Secure straps and thicker soles are key when shopping for this shoe trend. These sandals are the perfect combination between fashion and function which your feet will always be comfy in.

Puffy Power

If you have been spending a lot of 2020 in slippers or sneakers and are ready to make the transition back to wearing real shoes, then this puff shoe trend is for you. They are mostly in the form of sandals or shoes with puffy quilted straps. It does not get any trendier than a pair of shoes that are called The Puffy Sandals right? This puff shoe trend is popping all over Instagram and this summer is going to be its most successful season yet. From flat slides to heeled sandals, it is probably time to get a pair for yourself.

Quilted Sandals from Mango for those who prefer flats.

Kitten Heel Sandals

The controversial shoe trend is back this summer. The kitten heel is a design that did not make much sense due to its teeny tiny elevation. They are a small step up from flats but compared to stilettos, kitten heels are easier for walking and wearing throughout the night. They make staples seem sleeker and more dressed up.

Square Toe Sandals

Your summer footwear is about to get a lot more comfortable because square toe shoes are all the rage now. Apart from being comfortable, it is stylish and makes a statement too. When it comes to this look, the more popular choice are mules with heels but square toe loafers, sandals and boots are everywhere too.

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