5 pairs of shorts you can wear anywhere

5 pairs of shorts you can wear anywhere
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5 pairs of shorts you can wear anywhere

Shorts can be nice and comfy for several functions. When you don’t feel like wearing a gown or skirt and want to feel as free as possible but still look amazing, shorts are a substantial option. Getting the right ones for a versatile wardrobe is also very vital. These are some very flexible options.


You can get these in different lengths, and you definitely need a pair of them in black, pink, blue and white. It is easy to pair with tops, shirts and with the right accessories draws eyes to you as in the case of adding a chunky gold necklace. If you intend to or want to tuck your shirt in getting a cute belt will give a high point to that lovely combo.


Like your fashion pieces more fun looking then this is something for you. Want to look smart out for lunch pair this with a silk button down shirt and some pumps. I recommend you get one in black and green. They not only make your legs look good they make you look fabulous as well. For night time, you can have them shorter in fabric like leather and sequin while for day time, longer in fabric like polyester.


Don’t you just love the beautiful colors of floral prints, be it smaller prints/ bigger prints of flowers like tulips and roses. They scream chic and class. That vacation will not be complete without a pair. What accentuates these prints are cat eyeglasses. You need about 4 pairs of this for brunch dates, picnic outings, looking chic while working from home, movies with your partner and so much more. If you can get them in a set, even better.


We can not over emphasize the imports of having at least 2 pairs of these, preferably one washed blue and black jean shorts. Literally anything goes with blue jeans, just accessorize with cool colors like orange, neon green, yellow or neutral colors such as brown, nude, white and black. Sandals and sneakers accentuate this casual fashion piece. Great for transitioning from relaxing at home to stepping out and looking fashionably amazing. Very good for emphasizing one’s curves as well as legs. Depending on how daring you are, you can choose to get a pair of rough-cut jean shorts for a bold look.


These are a lot better for more formal settings and also really cool for that active fashionista. Absolutely any color works, cause this fabric is simple yet so easy on the eyes. Hats and caps go well with them. You can throw in a scarf and glasses too if you wish. Want to step in with a bang without doing too much? Wear a nice coat over them with your shirt tucked in on one side and hanging out on the other.

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