Short Hairstyles That Women With Bangs Can Try

Short Hairstyles That Women With Bangs Can Try
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Short Hairstyles That Women With Bangs Can Try

The bangs trend took over the fashion industry more than a decade ago and yet has somehow managed to remain relevant. Bangs always look great on various lengths of hair and somehow, short hairstyles with bangs just never lose their beauty and authenticity. It has transitioned over the years and always captures all face shapes and new techniques, cuts, and styles.

Short hairstyles with bangs are not new to the hairstyling community, you will often see random women along the road and even celebrities wearing varying styles of short hair with bangs.

If you are a sucker for short hair with bangs and you’re looking for some inspiration for the next style to wear then we can give you some wonderful ideas on the cutest trending short hairstyles with bangs.

4 Interesting Hairstyles With Bangs For Short Hair

Pairing a short hairstyle with bangs is an ideal way to wear your hair to create a versatile look and change your style in a heartbeat. These cute styles are a good fit for different types of women regardless of your age, facial features, or face shape. Let us go ahead and explore some of the trending styles.

1. Layered Bob with Side Swept Bangs

This super stylish hairstyle looks soft and feminine and can be worn for any type of event. Rather than a straight bob, this style has several layers of curled bob with a deep side parting that leads to the flowing side-swept bangs. It looks great when flattened and even better when blow-dried.

2. Tiny Bangs On Short Curly Hair

This style was first tried on younger kinds but was later adopted by women of all age groups. Women with short curly or wavy hair can add tiny bangs in front to look cute and have the charm and style of a little girl.

3. Short Bob With Bangs

In the past, this style was worn by older women of 60 and above but the age factor is now being ignored and it is women by much younger women to add a graceful look to a young and vibrant face. The nicely trimmed bob and the short graduated bob create a beautiful and graceful style for young ladies.

4. Straight Short Hair With Full Bangs

This is a globally trending style in the fashion industry. It is one of the latest styles for short hair with bangs and can be achieved with a haircut or wigs. It has a short straight back or sometimes a straight bob and full, falling bangs in front. It looks chic, sassy, and bold, offering an exquisite look with various outfits and also suitable for any occasion. A calm dinner, a night out at the club, or just a quiet day on campus.

The finishing touch

Don’t be afraid to play around with your short hair with bangs. Try some new styles, colors, highlights, etc until you find the most suitable style that will accentuate your face shape and features.

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