5 Styling Tips for Wearing Corduroy

5 Styling Tips for Wearing Corduroy
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5 Styling Tips for Wearing Corduroy

That thick corduroy jumpsuit you wore in all your childhood photos is going to make a comeback in your wardrobe this season. And this time, he looks in blazers, trapeze skirts, retro pants…Word of the fashionistas.

How is corduroy?

The corduroy is the texture characterized by the stripes and the most classic style. The fabric, like other types of velvet, was rediscovered by major fashion brands and returned to the catwalks and the streets, bringing a lot of charm and elegance to various pieces such as pants, bags, dresses and jackets.

Despite matching a lot with winter, it is very versatile, can also be used in other seasons of the year and matches many styles.

How to wear corduroy


Earth-toned pants are a great option to upgrade any more basic outfit and do not disappoint when it comes to mixing colors, prints and textures, since with them it is possible to use creativity, styling tricks and be bold in not obvious combinations, or of course, if you are looking for something more classic, the piece is also a more than accurate bet for monochromatic looks.

To prove to you that corduroy deserves all your attention, we have separated some looks for you to be inspired and to play without fear in the trendy piece of this season, come with us:

Pairing your corduroy pants with a plaid shirt will give you a perfect seventies look.

Women Corduroy Shirt Jacket

The corduroy coat is one of the star garments.

Polo Camel-Hair Coat

Dare with corduroy in vivid colors like green in the ‘total look’ code.

Dare with the total look. If you choose corduroy in a pastel tone, it will give this heavy fabric more light.

The corduroy jumpsuit will become the king of the asphalt with a fashionista look.

In order not to invest too much in a velvet piece and then leave it forgotten in the wardrobe with the arrival of the warmer days, invest in pieces that can be used in different looks, regardless of the time of year. And despite being more used in winter, velvet is great for cooler days, it looks great in skirts, blazers and lighter pieces.

And if you are in doubt when choosing the velvet color, I suggest always betting on plain black, navy, dark green or burgundy. Perfect to be used, especially at night, these colors are classic and go well both in more formal productions and in more casual looks, such as boots and jeans.

To look very feminine, combine with lace; if you want to do the sensual/cool, put on a piece of leather, and when you want a more relaxed air, coordinate with a pair of jeans.

Just be careful, because it’s a fabric that shines and consequently visually increases the area it covers. The fuller ones should prefer dark colors and look for more opaque variations of velvet.

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