5 Ways To Match A Watch To An Outfit

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5 Ways To Match A Watch To An Outfit

If you feel like your outfits are getting too plain lately, be sure to keep reading this post. We are talking about five different ways to match a watch to an outfit!

Watches can be great accessories for any type of an outfit. Watches are usually a classy adding to outfits and they make it look so much more fancy and beautiful.

Gold or Rose Gold Watches

Gold or rose gold watches look like statement pieces with any kind of everyday outfits. If you prefer chic looks, watches like the one on the first photo would be such great pieces to have in your jewelry collection. You will definitely wear and use them a lot.

Watches like this one usually leave an impression like you are someone who has passion for fashion and who likes to put together outfits.

If that’s the impression you want to leave, definitely go for bigger gold or rose gold watches.

Quite Opposite from the First One

There are sporty watches like this one! Sporty watches are simple and usually look plain. However, people that are into simple styles and clothes like the everyday sweatshirt with stripes you can see on the photo, really like and find useful this type of watches. They can be combined into different outfits and are definitely something you can wear on everyday basis. You can even combine it with other simple and sporty jewelry pieces and it won’t look like it’s “too much”.

Other popular sporty watches are the ones with digital screen where you can, besides seeing what time it is, see more details.

For example, you can check the weather, the steps you have made throughout the day and the calories you have burned. Tracksuits are also looking very nice combined with these watches!

Minimalism has Become a Trend in the Past Few Years.

Minimalistic clothes like plain shirts and bottoms, minimalistic makeup, hairstyles and – minimalistic watches or jewelry in general.

There is a wide range of minimalistic watches right now available and if you are wondering how you can style them there’s just one single answer to that question…

They can be styled with million different outfit combinations and they will still look amazing! There are endless possibilities with simple watches like the one on the photo.

Silver –We Have Always Been Loving It

Silver is simple, silver is classy and it is definitely popular right now. Silver watches are easy to combine with other jewelry pieces – but, be careful to not combine it with gold, rose gold and similar.

Usually, those don’t go well together. It would be the best to stay with just one jewelry color when it comes to silver, gold or rose gold.

Simple silver watches are a must-have right now because they also go with everything. The recommendations on how to style silver watches would be denim jackets, jeans or shirts, and silk clothes.

Summer is slowly coming and we must not forget about wearing watches as much as possible. Now, with the short sleeves they are more in focus and they become bigger statement pieces than in winter-time.

To look stylish and chic in Summer, the suggestion is going for black or white watches, whatever is more flattering to your body tan and color. These colors make contrasts and they look good on the sun-kissed skin. The advantage of these watches is that they can be styled with other jewelry types like silver or gold jewelry. That mixing will go together nicely since the watches don’t feature either gold or silver shades.

In The End, With Fashion

The sky is the limit and you should definitely try different styles and different ways of styling watches with clothes.

Watches are useful and beautiful at the same time so let’s take advantage of these amazing accessories.

For every different style – there is a different watch.

Combining watches into outfits and with other jewelry pieces may have seemed difficult before, but now – since you know some good basics, you are good to go and explore this powerful fashion accessory.

Invest in good watches and see your everyday outfits go from 0 to 10 very quickly. Never underestimate the power of jewelry pieces, but mostly watches, and be sure to use that power wisely to make yourself look like a true fashion icon. You were born to shine!

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