6 Christmas Costumes For Halloween

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6 Christmas Costumes For Halloween

Over the years, holidays or occasions have seemingly started to get celebrated closer and closer to each other — like the way you see Christmas decorations pop up the day after Thanksgiving. The turkey is literally still digesting, people. Apparently, we love any reason to celebrate so much, that the holidays barely get time to breathe individually. Wearing sexy Christmas costumes for Halloween will further show how obsessed you are with holidays, period, so mashing two together seems like more fun.

Call it being hopeful or aspiring, but while one holiday or festivity is unfolding, we are already skipping through the pages to anticipate the next one. Sure, you might get some eye rolling or WTF faces when you stroll in looking like a part of Santa’s exclusive squad, but who cares? Halloween is about being what you want to, right? There are no rules saying that you can’t be Christmas for Halloween, and if there were, we’d break the rule, anyway.

If you think about it, Christmas has so many different characters or concepts, there’s enough for it to dip into another holiday. Halloween is a great time to deal with all of the amazingly festive things stuffed into Christmas. So, if you’re down to have a merry time this Halloween, consider a few of these  sexy, not at all ho-ho-horrifying Christmas costumes.


Miss Santa

Well, hello there. Even if no one seems to have the Christmas spirit this Halloween, there will be plenty of Santa enthusiasts coming out of the woodworks. Any skirt with the fluffy stuff underneath is fun, playful, and in this case, sexy AF.

Sinister Santa

OK, this gives you a taste of the dark quality that is Halloween and a completely Christmas concept. There’s a good and a bad side to everything, even Santa Claus, apparently. Wearing this gorgeous costume will show people what side you’ve chosen. You definitely need some black pumps for this outfit.


A-dough-rable Gingerbread Girl

Make them crumble the second you walk through the door. You’re in for a sweet night in this get up. I mean, you sort of have no other choice. We all know the story of the gingerbread man, but one thing’s for sure — they’re definitely going to be trying to catch you in this thirst trap of a costume.

Head Elf In Charge

Elves are cute, but this head elf is red hot and ready to claim that number one spot on Santa’s good list. Don’t ask me why seemingly innocent things make the sexiest costumes. Adults have to have fun too, right? Just like we can’t stuff our pillowcases with candy, we can’t simply wish for presents to appear under the tree. So, technically we are our own elves and Santa.

A Snow Angel

We all enjoyed making snow angels if we were lucky enough to grow up in an area where it happened. This flirtatious look is enough to make anyone wish winter was outside already. Don’t forget, even though your costume is all about the cold, you can still have some fun.

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