Halloween costumes to try out with your friends this Halloween

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Halloween costumes to try out with your friends this Halloween

Buying a costume last minute and going as a solitary witch is for amateurs and you and your friends are ready for the hard graft to look awesome this Halloween. Whether your crew wants to be the scariest gang in town or the comedy gold of the costume party there is something to please everyone. Once you and your group have decided the theme you want to pursue you have the tricky task of dishing out who is who, and people are always ready to be offended with the delegations. Most of the costumes we have listed can be made with some good ol’ fashion costume ingenuity, while others may need a small splash of cash to get the authenticity going. If you and your squad want to look bang on the money this year then look no further for some group Halloween costume inspiration.


Group Halloween Costumes Ideas for your crew 1.Three blind mice Who wouldn’t want to get their two best friends round and dress up like the three blind mice. The costume for this one seems non-committal, meaning you can entice the laziest of your mates. Chose what color mouse you want to then get some convincing ears and outfits complete with dark glasses and a cane and away you go, but not too confidently, you’re blind mice remember.


  1. Trolls This costume will allow you to include as many friends or members of your group as you like while keeping the majority of people happy with the low maintenance costume. Some kind of colored spiked up wig is all you really need to get this look going and voila you’ll be dancing all night.


  1. Breaking Bad Get your buddy who you watched the roller coaster TV series with and dish up who gets to play who. This costume can be as literal or as loose as you like it and can encompass as much of your crew as you like playing all the characters in the show. There’s always one friend who wants to dress up as a bag of Crystal Meth – and if you can’t figure out who it is, it’s you.


  1. Stranger Things One for the true Netflix fan to indulge in and represent how they really spend their time. This Halloween is sure to be filled with people dressed as their favorite characters from the show. You can attempt to create the monster’s faceless appearance and really scare your squad. To complete the true Stranger Things ensemble, those who play Dustin must black out their front teeth and Joyce needs to be enthralled in Christmas lights.


  1. Rock, Paper, Scissors An interestingly clever costume that will have you practicing your arts and crafts skills. There is not many places to buy such a costume so you will have to get down and dirty with your design, just make sure it’s robust enough to go to war with one of your costume crew because people will want to see who comes out on top and settle life’s most complex question.

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