6 Dresses You Can Only Wear With a Big Bust

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6 Dresses You Can Only Wear With a Big Bust

It’s quite difficult to find dresses for people with unique features. Let’s be honest, most clothes are made for the ideal body shape like the model’s body. That’s why people with unique features, usually, have a bit of trouble finding a wardrobe that fits them best. Including those of us who have large busts. Even if the brand provides plus sizes, no one can promise whether the dress design will look flattering on our figure.

Having a big bust is a blessing. However, the perspective is actually very relative. Some feel confident to flaunt it. Others may even feel less confident. Either way, you’ll need dresses in the right designs to compliment your precious figure, whether to highlight or conceal your large bust. The right design will elevate your look and boost your confidence.

You may need to shop around a while to find a dress that fits your big bust perfectly. But if you are still at a dead end, don’t worry anymore, this article will be a guidebook to pave your way. There you go, check out 6 fabulous dresses you can wear to compliment your big bust!

Halter Dresses

Halter dresses work well on many body types, especially large busts. Halter necklines are usually found in party dresses or cocktail dresses, but now there are many casual dresses and tops that adopt this style too. The dresses give a sexy touch without exaggerating your look. This design helps you achieve a more proportional figure, as it focuses on accentuating your shoulders. It can also give the illusion of a long neck and create an elegant silhouette.

You will adore this black halter bodycon dress that comes with ruched details for your formal occasions. Because it already has a lovely texture, you will look gorgeous without even adding any accessories. Meanwhile, for a casual summer look, you can choose dresses with light and ethereal fabrics, such as lace.

Wrap Dresses

Have you organized your summer capsule wardrobe yet? When preparing it, make sure you have this floral wrap dress on your list. Wrap dresses can define and create a svelte silhouette in an instant. This design accentuates your curves, especially your waist and stomach. You will be even more excited to wear the dress because it feels super comfy and can make your boobs look on point. And, of course, when summer comes, floral prints are a top choice that can never go wrong. Pair your wrap dress with heels for a more fashionable look.

Fit And Flare Dresses

It is also known as an A-line dress. The classic design of this dress is very popular and can never be a wrong choice, because it looks flattering on almost all body types. The dress hugs your chest gently, fits snugly at the waist and flares out at the hemline. There’s nothing not to like about this princessy design. Fit and flare dresses are designed to balance your figure, accentuate your waistline and make your body appear more proportionate.

The fit and flare is a classic silhouette whose popularity knows no bounds. Even though there are many styles that you can easily find in stores, make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs. Long dresses will look neat for formal occasions, midi length makes you look elegant and feminine, short dresses will look chic to wear when hanging out.

V-Neck Dresses

Dresses with a neckline that elongates the torso and upper bust will work perfectly on your figure, one of which is a V-neck dress. The V neckline flatters all body types. It will naturally create the illusion of a slimmer, more elegant silhouette. The good news is that this neckline can be matched with all styles. It looks fabulous in a modest A-line dress, or it can look sexy in a bodycon dress that accentuates hourglass curves. If you are confident enough, choose a deep V-neck dress to flaunt your precious assets. Stunning!

Belted Dresses

When you wear the wrong dress, the bust can appear unflattering. One helpful hack is adding a belt to your outfit. The belt serves to accentuate your waistline and make your silhouette more ideal. Adding a belt will naturally draw attention to your waist. Plus, a belt will make you look more fashionable.

You can reach for belted dresses or add your own favorite belt. However, you may need to consider several things when choosing a belt. For busty women, wear a belt slightly below your breasts to achieve a flattering waistline. If your body is petite, choose a belt that is not too wide for a more proportional silhouette. The belt allows you to wear loose and comfy dresses yet still stylish.

Shaper Dresses

Big boobs need great support from a bra to give them a flattering look and keep them comfortable all day. That’s why some stylists do not recommend strapless or spaghetti strap dresses for big bust women. Because after all, the bra straps that are visible from the outside are really unflattering. If that’s your problem then shaper dress is the best answer.

Shaper dresses come with a built-in bra or built-in body shaper that attaches underneath the dress itself. The dress hugs your body and provides a number of benefits, including smoothing the silhouette, slimming your waist and making your figure more curvy. Shaper dress ensures your boobs get enough support for a fabulous shape and comfortable feeling. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the bra straps sticking out.

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