An Effective Guide on How to Wear During Wedding Functions

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An Effective Guide on How to Wear During Wedding Functions

For decoding the perfect wedding guest dress code, and preventing any kind of embarrassment, here we present to you an effective guide on how to style yourself up like a pro. So what’s the real meaning of a wedding dress? When is it appropriate for swapping the heels for the dancing shoes? If you are not sure about what exactly to wear for any wedding, various well-known fashion designers suggest various ways of styling up.

Is your best friend having a wedding beside the sea? Dress according to the mood of the sea. Generally, the location of a wedding matters a lot in deciding the kind of attire a person should wear. You surely would not want to wear your favorite maxi beachy dress to the grand hotel.

Avoid being too casual

For any farm wedding, you should skip the diamond and the denim look and instead choose the option of a hip look. The professional wedding planners suggest that females should wear maxi dresses or short dresses (patterned) combined with wedges. Make your husband wear a gray suit or jacket and a checked shirt.

Stretch Fit-and-Flare Dress with Lace Crisscross

It will never be an acceptable idea of wearing denim with sweatpants, rubber flip flops or shorts in a wedding function.

If the reception is having fewer strict dress codes, for example, semi-formal or festive, experts recommend that the guests should stash the flip flops or any other dance-friendly shoes in purses for changing later into in the evening.

Off-the-Shoulder Floral Jersey and Satin Ball Gown

Go formal whenever in doubt

If any couple sets specific dress codes, they expect their list of guests to obey it. Vague dress codes may at times confuse the guests. If it is about what to wear during weddings, couples can try the option of going traditional and becoming more and more creative with the selected attire for the wedding.

Remember always that if you are ever stuck in a doubt, it will be best to err on the caution side and dress more formally. Weddings are times when we celebrate the moments with our loved ones. Follow the guide and dress accordingly for your friend’s wedding.

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