The Latest Sneaker Trend Is Accessorized Kicks

The Latest Sneaker Trend Is Accessorized Kicks
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The Latest Sneaker Trend Is Accessorized Kicks

In 2024, the trends have moved from shy and what is considered ‘normal’ fashion, to bold and wild styles. People are very attracted to shoes that are overly accessorized, as in boots with chains, sneakers with ribbons, and crocs with charms. All these shoes have a huge liking as they are a unique touch to basic shoes, and stuff that seems unusual is the current trend. In this article, we will be discussing why we believe shoes that have a lot of accessories are the biggest shoe trend.

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Why Are Accessorized Sneakers The Greatest Trend Yet:

Shoe accessories have been changing ever since the 1970s when the hip-hop era had begun. In the 1970s, multiple people went crazy over colorful laces, painted shapes and things, and DIY customized shoes. At this time, these ideas seemed like finding gold, as creativity wasn’t very popular back then. However, if we compare the shoes that were made 50 years ago, and the shoes made this year, the creativity and ideas will radiate from shoes made this year.

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This year creativity is a very hard theme to follow, as finding new, unique ideas is close to impossible. Once the public saw a new style that fits both the street-style category and the bold category, they were immediately invested. Many people saw this as an opportunity to show off their creativity, as making your accessories has no limits, it is purely your mind working on its own.

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Charms and accessories are mainly famous because people found these accessories an easy way to express themselves. They saw it as a way to stick out and seem different because there’s a high chance you may have the same shoes as someone, but it’s not very likely for you to have matching accessories too. Due to the hype for uniqueness, charms, and other decorations have become extremely trendy, but it is not just the idea of these accessories that has attracted people.

The other point that made people interested in accessorized shoes was how celebrities wore them. These famous singers/rappers, like Justin Beiber, Travis Scott, and Kayne West, have been seen wearing these types of sneakers and multiple fans have been surprised by how these celebrities styled these shoes. As fans take these people as their role models, they are inspired and want to do the same, resulting in a high demand for these shoes.

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We all have learned how the fashion world continues to change every day, and that trends never stay for long, so for the future, we can already expect these accessorized sneakers to leave. Instead, we believe that more technical and advanced styles will be released, such as styles that involve LED lights and sensors, making sneakers more futuristic and unusual than they already are.

Charms and accessories are very trendy and will dominate this year’s trends because not only are they cute and pretty, but they also add a little bit of personality to the shoes, giving them a deeper meaning. We hope this article was some help to you!

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