the Meaning of auspicious

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the Meaning of auspicious

I do not know if you have seen the film Mood for Love, directed by a well-known director of China Wong Kar Wai, I really like this film,that is because the clothes of representations inside, the dress called cheongsam, one of the Chinese clothing, many Chinese girls like it, studioBecause it can be released the beauty of the Oriental classic, this beauty can not be expressed in words, when you wear a cheongsam, every action and eyes of you are very charming, This kind of beauty is deep, so when you put on a cheongsam, the whole person will emit a taste of woman.

Some studios will be dedicated to renting cheongsam, their marketing model is the staff will take a lot of photos for the customers who is wearing cheongsam, as a memory, of course, they earned much, but It still does not affect the consumption of the beautiful girls, they usually ask their friends together, most of them are graduate students who will go to the studio to take pictures, they will take this opportunity to leave a memorial to commemorate their past youth.

In China, many newly couples will take wearing cheongsam into their account when they get married, not only reflected in the wedding, in the night of their wedding, when have a dinner, some couples will put on cheongsam when they toast to their Relatives elders, so you can see the tradition concept of China, cheongsam is one of the representation of  China’s classical clothing.

Once in the street to wear cheongsam will feel a bit strange, but now which is different, and many girls will choose to wear cheongsam when they are shopping because it is very charming, why not consider it? You can choose your favorite style, there are many kinds of graphic, and many different colors for your to select, porcelain, carp are one of the patterns, there are many kinds of flowers, these patterns are the Meaning of auspicious, which is a good symbol, so when you have a day wearing a cheongsam in the street, this time others will vote the eyes of praise to you, because he can enjoy your  blooming body.

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